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Friday, November 22, 2013

Four Weeks in Finland!

Some of the Elders made Gregory a scarf for his birthday.

Hello everyone! 
Well I cannot believe that I have already been in Finland for about a month! Wow! The weeks are starting to fly by already! Well we had a great week this week! Last P day I treated me and my companion to a McDonalds lunch, haha it sounded way good and the Mcdonalds in Finland are so much better than in America! The French fries were some of the best french fries I've ever had, so it was a good choice. Then on Tuesday, my birthday, we had district meeting here in Seinäjoki so that was good, but it was so cool because the elders in Vaasa knew it was my birthday (one of them was in the mtc with me) and they made me a scarf! hahaha it was super nice of them so I got a sweet homemade scarf! So then after district meeting we ate at this asian buffet that was actually pretty dang good and they had all these little Sweedish pancakes for dessert and they were amazing, I had like 6 hahaha!  I also got my birthday package from you guys and from Aunt Shelly this week so I was so happy! Thank you so much! The cake was so good we ate it in like 12 hours haha and I love everything you sent me thank you so much! I'm definitely the most spoiled missionary out here, thank you. I will be nice and warm now with my new beanie and hand warmers from Shelly! 
Well we also had a great week of missionary work out here! We found three new investigators which is really really good, especially for Seinäjoki. One of the investigators is a sweet story I'll tell you. So last Wednesday ( I think) we didn't really have any appointments so we did whats called a blank day schedule and that means we just literally try to talk to every single person we see on the street and we check a bunch of former investigators from the area book. So, we literally talked to people on the street allllll day long and we were biking down this little bridge and there was like 30 people on the bridge, so we just decided to stop and talk to this one random guy who was kind of leaning against the railing. So we stopped and talked, he's a man from Burma and he speaks a little Finnish and no english. So, we explained we're missionaries and asked if we could stop by sometime and he gave us his address! So then later that night we were leaving the house of this less active member and we see this same guy walking in to his house, so we run over and say hi and he told us to come in. So, he's married and has four kids, one of his kids was there, she's this little 12 year old girl and she spoke pretty decent finnish but the parents don't speak well at all. So we gave them a book of mormon and told them how the gospel could bless their family and gave them a restoration pamphlet. The 12 year old girl is SUPER interested, she loved it, and she just wants to learn about Jesus.  We made an appointment to go back on Sunday, so we went back last night and the girl said she had read the whole pamphlet and read some of the Book of Mormon but that it's really hard to understand the book of mormon (which is true, I still don't understand most of it when I read it in Finnish). But anyway, she loves learning about it and so basically the whole time while we teach we will talk to the daughter and then she will translate stuff in to their language which is called Karrie or something like that, but so we're not too sure how the parents feel about it all because they sort of just sit there while we teach their daughter hahaha so its super funny. We asked the girl if they are ok with us being there and if they would want to learn more and she just says ya ya its fine! But we don't reaaaally know what she says to them when she translates for us hahaha so it's a little bit tricky but they are a very nice family and we are going back on Thursday! So we are excited about that! Then also we taught this new investigator with the Branch president and his wife yesterday which went well so we have some investigators that we're really excited about! 
Finnish is coming along gradually but it is definitely getting easier. I can understand WAY better than I could even 3 weeks ago. I have definitely learned a ton by just being here in Finland, just hearing the way Finns say stuff is very helpful. And Finn's are just really helpful in general, they are always so impressed that we can speak their language at least somewhat. In lessons now I pretty much always know what's going on and always know how to say what I want to say, and when we talk to random people I generally know what they're saying but like when we're in church and people give talks or if someone is trying to talk to us about like deep philisophical questions they have about the gospel it gets really hard hahaha, but it is coming so I will get there eventually! Well we had two investigators drop us this week, but it is really hard because they basically both said that they believe the church is true... they just don't want to change their lives. Like one guy said that he wants to join the church but he doesn't jaksaa to quit smoking (jaksaa is this great word in finnish that we don't really have in english but it basically means he doesn't feel like doing it, like if you're in bed and super tired you don't jaksaa to go take out the trash) but so anyway it's hard to deal with stuff like that but we're doing all we can do. Finn's are just very satisfied with their lives and don't really like to change, so that makes it hard to explain why they should join our church but anywho, it's going really well. We have been having great success with number of lessons and all that, it's just still really hard to get member lessons since we have one to chose from hahaha and he doesn't speak any English, so we can't really take him to those lessons cause that would just be awkward. But anyway for Thanksgiving we are going to have a district meeting in Vaasa and this elderly missionary couple is going to cook a thanksgiving meal for us all so it will be so fun! Well that is pretty much the whole week! Just know that I love you and miss you all! Keep being amazing! 

Elder Wilson
Yes, that is Elder Wilson's bike, it's the only one he could find in Seinajoki, that wasn't expensive he said. 

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