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Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Transfer Time, Off to Turku!

Some of the sights I will be seeing!

Hello everyone! 
Ok so exciting news! I am being transferred to Turku!! Turku is an awesome city, the second biggest city in Finland and it has two big wards there! I will be serving in the Turku second ward with a guy named elder Anderson! Elder Anderson is elder Wood's former companion and says that he's super cool! I keep lucking out with super chill companions, but I am so pumped! There are 8 missionaries in Turku, two sets of elders and two sets of sisters. We called elder Anderson and he said that we always use buses and walk there so I won't have to use the girly bike for a while haha. I'm hoping I stay there for a long time, a ton of people have told me it's like the most beautiful city in Finland in the summer. Well I will be heading out Tuesday night on a train, spend the night in Tampere and then continue on to Turku Wednesday morning! Well even though I'm excited to be in Turku it was kind of bitter sweet saying goodbye to everyone in the Seinäjoki branch yesterday. I got up to give a little departing testimony and as I looked out at everyone I just felt like strongest desire to help this little branch. They are all such solid members even though they are in a pretty tiny and rough situation. Most of them drive an hour to church every Sunday and they try they're hardest to give us referrals and stuff and it's really cool to see how dedicated they all are. There's one family that live in Lapua which is like a half hour outside of Seinäjoki and the parents were converts, both of their sons went on missions and for years the missionaries have been going up to Lapua once a week to try and teach people up there with the member who lives there. This guy has literally introduced me to every one of his friends up there, gives people Books of mormons and does everything he can despite never having had anybody actually be interested. It is just a very powerful example to me to see how much the gospel can change these people's lives and how much they care about it. It has been a lot of fun in Seinäjoki and I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for it, it is my birth city as we call it,  but I just got to keep pressing forward. Well our two potentials we found last week weren't home when we went back on saturday but they both had a family member home and they said we could come back so they are still looking good! Our investigator that is a 55 year old woman is a super solid investigator and we had a great lesson with her this week. She gave a super heart felt prayer at the end and was even crying a bit. We could tell she was feeling the spirit for sure and she is probably the most promising investigator I have seen on my mission thus far. 
Well thanks for all the pictures and everything mom! It looks like you guys all had a great week back home! Man I miss all the little kids! They are all looking so big and old it makes me so sad! I hope Mandy and Max had a great birthday and that everyone is doing well! Mom as far as packages and stuff I can pretty much get mac n cheese and stuff if I really wanted it, it's pretty expensive, but it would be a lot more expensive for you guys to send it all the way here haha so I don't think I need anything in particular! But, I love you all and will be sending lots of sweet pictures of my new city next week! 

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