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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Biking with Snow Tires!
Hello everyone! So mom you asked me a few language questions in your email this week so I will answer those first. Yes I definitely feel like I'm still learning a lot of Finnish every single week. As far as new vocab  and stuff I'm starting to slow down a little but I feel like I understand new grammar principles and get a better accent and all that continually. I have had a few dreams where I'm speaking finnish to people but it's not like I'm jsut fluent in my dreams haha even in my dreams I still kind of think things out and say them how I normally would so it's super weird! As missionaries we kind of speak Finenglish all the time, like there a lot of sweet words in finnish that we just straight up don't have in english so we will throw in words like that all the time but we usually just all speak english together. I kind of think in finnish for like certain words and especially when I pray. I haven't said a prayer in English in months and it would just feel super weird if I prayed one in english. I think in Finnish when I pray now because it just feels more natural, so stuff like that is really weird. Like when I was in my interview with our mission president a few weeks ago I literally forgot how to say Branch president in English so I just said Seurankunnan Johtaja because it was all I could think of hahaha so I feel like my brain is a little confused all the time but it's good, things that I thought were super weird about finnish a few months ago now just make sense and then I think about how we say it in english and it seems weird to me haha But what's cool about finnish is theres always more to learn. Nobody ever gets to a point here where they can say ya I know everything. Like even Finns don't understand their own grammar and they make grammar mistakes sometimes that I catch hahaha it's just a super complicated language but it's fun. 
Well we had a pretty good week here in Seinäjoki! Unfortunately all of our members were down in Helsinki doing a temple trip so we literally couldn't teach our new investigator that is a 50 year old woman so that was a bumer..... the problems with having like 3 members haha but we did have a pretty good week of getting other random lessons on the street and contacting people. We had our 30 year old investigator guy in church again yesterday! I think that was his third time so it's great! We're excited about that, he seems to be very sincere and giving it a real shot. He said probably the best prayer I have heard an investigator give last week and he seems to be doing well. We also have been teaching that vietnamese girl that me and Christiansen found because the sisters were supposed to teach her, but they haven't come to Seinäjoki in like 2 and half weeks so they asked us to teach her so on Saturday we went over to a members house and taught the girl and her roomate and we think both of them have some potential so that's going pretty well! 
We got to do a little service this week as well this lady in the ward was moving in to a new apartment so me and elder Wood were there with like one other lady from the ward and the ladies ex husband who brought a trailer so pretty much me and wood had to carry all the furniture down three flights of stairs and load it all up hahaha so it took about five hourse but it was good. We got her all moved in to her new place and she was excited so it was a good day. We had a disctrict meeting up in Vaasa on Friday so we went up thursday night to sleep over and we had all the elders in the district there! We played a massive Lord of the Rings risk game and it was awesome! So that was super fun and the other than that we just had a pretty normal week! O after our district meeting we went to this american burger place and it was pretty good! It felt like I was back in America for a minute haha unfortuantely Cheeseburgers is something that Finland doesn't do very well, I miss Five guys and all that good stuff but we have been eating some pretty insanely good ice cream. They have caramel apple and blueberry pie ice cream and it is delicious. Well this week we have some exciting stuff as well! We head out for Oulu tomorrow and we have a zone meeting up there on Wednesday so I will get to see elder Christiansen and all my other buddies up there so it will be fun! The weather has warmed up the last few days and today it was all the way up to 0 C!! It felt like a sauna we were burning up on the bike ride over here haha it snowed a town the last couple days as well which is super cool and everything looks pretty. But anyway that is the week! I hope you are all doing well! I love you all!

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