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Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year and New Opportunities!

Hello all! Well well what a week! 2014! The only full year that I will spend in Finland haha how weird is that? Well I had a pretty good week! We had a district meeting here in Seinäjoki here on New years day and so on New Years Eve the Pietarsaari and Vaasa elders came over and spent the night and we had a massive risk game. It was fantastic. I'm honing in my skills and will be even more unstopable when I return. Well after the District meeting we played some more games with the whole district with was fun! But since we had those two days of no proselyting it means that missionary work was pretty slow again this week. Pretty much all of our investigators have dropped us in the last two weeks, the burmese family moved and havent answered any calls but we actually ran in to the dad on the street yesterday and he gave us the new address but its pretty sketch because he doesn't really speak finnish well and didn't seem to sure on the address so ... we'll see if it's correct but we're pretty disappointed with that whole thing. They were super solid we don't know what the deal is. Another investigator left town for two months and another one is in the hospital for two weeks so..... yeah.... haven't seen the sun in a long time.... it's been super cloudy which is good because it keeps it a little warmed but it blocks out the sun so ... haven't seen it in like a week hahaha so yep. A little dark and dreary but it has still been insanely warm. It is usually sitting right at about 0 celsius so not bad at all! We're hoping it stays that way all winter! They say it is the warmest winter in Finland for the past 50 years or something like that so I'm loving it! 
Well we were getting a little discouraged with our area kind of falling apart on us this week but two days ago we had a pretty good day! We didn't have anything planned and nobody we tried to see was home so we did some tracting and contacting and ended up finding three pretty solid potential investigators including one kid who was way cool. He answered the door and was talking to us a bit and then we mentioned the Book of Mormon and he got all excited and he was like O wow you guys are Mormons?! I thought you were just Jehova's Witnesses!This is interesting! and then he put on his coat and came outside and talked with us for a bit haha so we gave him a book of Mormon and are going back on Saturday! It was way cool, so hopefully this week our teaching pool will start to increase. Everything else has been pretty good though! Me and Elder Wood are still getting buff every night with his set of weights haha and this week should be good because we can actually go out every day! Today is actually a Holiday but we're still allowed to go out and work tonight. Then tonight we are going to Vaasa to sleep over there because tomorrow we have a district meeting in Pietarsaari. Then we come back tomorrow night and have a normal week. Well I was feeling a little bit down this week because everything has been kind of falling apart on us but I have been reading in the New Testament and I finished the book of Mark yesterday. In Mark 8:34 Jesus says that "whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow me". I really loved that verse. We all have hard things that we go through all the time. Life is never easy, but we are only expected to do our best. To take up our own personal hardships and endure them faithfully. Our cross can be pretty heavy sometimes but as long as we trust in the Lord he will always help us out. Every time I've been on the edge of kind of losing hope out here I have felt Heavenly Father answer my prayers and we have seen some pretty miraculous things. So just keep on pressing on everyone! I love you all and hope you all have a fantastic week!

Elder Wilson Moi Moi

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