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Monday, March 17, 2014

Lovin Turku!!

The Wooded trails of Turku
Hello everyone! Well I have had a pretty great week here in Turku! It is getting sunnier and more beautifull every day and I love it! The temperature keeps rising but the wind here is super strong since we're right on the Baltic sea but I love it, it gives a cool beach feel. Turku is a beautiful place and I'm starting to get to know the city and people pretty well! The outskirts of the citry is very hilly and is just covered in cool hills and cliffs and forests and it's beautiful. Well we did a lot of the same this week, a lot of contacting and finding and meeting with members but it's starting to pick up a little bit! We gave another guy a book of mormon on the street this week and got his number and we have a few other potentials that we have some high hopes for. Well we did our normal basketball and then went to FHE last monday which is always fun, we've got some super cool YSAs and they are all really good at inviting friends and stuff like that. We had a sweet dinner appointment with this family this week and it was super crazy, turns out their daughter is on a mission in France right now and she was in the MTC at the same time as me and she was one of the Finn's I met in the MTC! Pretty crazy haha they all loved that. After we ate with them the mom took us over to their neighbor's house who she has talked to a lot about the church and she said that it was a bad time becuase she was about to leave but that we could come by some other time and all talk so that was pretty cool! 
So there's this guy who Elder anderson met with one time before I came to Turku who was a referral but the guy wasn't super interested, but he actually texted us a few days ago and said he wanted to talk again and see our church and stuff! So we we're in his area all day on Saturday and we told him that we could meet him any time, he said that we could meet up after his son's hockey game but then he got the time wrong so he postponed it and then his phone died and it didn't work out so we were thinking that we wouldn't hear from him again and that he would just blow us off but then that night he texted us again saying sorry but that he wanted to see our church. So yesterday, he came to the chapel and we gave him a church tour, we were doing it right as the first ward was out of church so there were a few members still in there and one of the members came in and chatted with him and bore a little testimony and it was great! The guy really liked it and said he wanted to start coming to church! So we're going to try to visit him this week and then get him to church next week. So that was way cool, it was a really nice experience and that was the first church tour I've done, but I think he really enjoyed it.  So also yesterday we went over to a family's house to eat dinner with them. They are like 35 ish and they have 6 kids and it was awesome! Their kids are hilarious, they're all super cute haha their baby was crawling all over us and they have a 7 year old daughter who is like the Finnish version of Indie she was adorable. She is super tiny and very sassy and was cracking us up the whole time. We ate with them and then the dad (who is the young men's president) told us they are doing this thing in like 2 weeks that will be a missionary night for the young men. They are going to come to some lessons with us so that the young men can see what it's like to be a missionary so we are excited for that it should be fun! Well this week should be good too and busy! Tomorrow morning we are waking up and taking a train to Tampere for a zone conference. We will be there all day and then spending the night with the zone leaders and me and Elder Anderson are doing splits with them on Wednesday and then coming home Wednesday night. So it should be cool Tampere is a super nice city so I will take some pictures! Well that is pretty much the whole week! I love you all! Have a great week!

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