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Monday, March 17, 2014

Tampere Chapel
Well.... so we had a good week, but also a little bit of frustration with the actual missionary work haha as always. So we went up to another city called Tampere on Tuesday and we had zone conference and then did splits with the zone leaders the next day. The zone conference was pretty good. We talked all about using family history stuff it was way cool. We did this thing where president Rawlings was like alright, everyone turn to you companions and start telling them a story about one of your ancestors and why it's important to you, and then I want you all to feel what happens in this room. So everyone was telling each other stories and there was just such a good feeling and spirit in the room, a bunch of people were crying and stuff and it was very cool. Then President Rawlings said that "that spirit of Elijah is coming forth guys." People care about their families and using family history for finding and teaching people can be huge for the mission" But so anywho the next day we did the splits and we were with one of the zone leaders named elder Durant who is just like the nicest guy ever and it was super fun! We had a good day of teaching and contacting people.
Winter is back!
 So anyways, we came back to Turku Wednesday night and then did weekly planning on thursday and we had the best planning session of all time. We were both feeling really good about all the stuff we learned in Tampere and we came up with like a vision for our area and made goals and stuff and we were super pumped to start applying some of this family history stuff to our work. But we had a few slow doays of missionary work where literally not a single person answered their door... also it got cold again, theres snow on the ground and it's like -6 and so ..... ya...... kind of a bummer hahaha but we're going to keep working hard and doing our best!So then on Sunday we had a good day! We taught the gospel principles class and then we gave a little lesson to the young men in the ward all about missionary work! It was super fun, they were all a bunch of crazy 14 year old kids and there's about 7 or 8 in the ward, but it was way fun! We are doing a little activity on Friday where all the young men and their dad's are going to come out with us missionaries and we will show them what it's like to be a missionary so it will be fun! So then our one investigator who we gave the church tour to last week said he would be coming to church and we were talking to him like an hour before it started and he said he was coming but then just never showed up. But hopefully we can get in contact with him this week sometime. Also in church this one girl who is a recent convert (the one who added Mitzi on facebook haha) gave a talk and she brought two friends to church! One was a Swedish girl and one was German. So they needed me to translate sacrament meeting for them which was super hard because I start thinking in Finnish and then start talking in English and miss stuff so it was way hard but I did it successfully! It was pretty cool! My first time translating for Sacrament meeting haha but it was fun! Well there is a snow on the ground again and is like -6 C outside so that isn't fun, I was getting used to spring weather, but everyone says it will last for about a week and then warm up again so we will get two springs haha Well I can't believe I've already been in Turku for almost four weeks! We're almost halfway through the change, pretty crazy. Well that is everything for the week! I love you all! Have a great week!

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