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Monday, July 28, 2014

Another Week in the Life of A Missionary

July 14

Hello! Well How's everyone doing?! Well this week was pretty good! It started out with a fun P day last week! After emailing you guys we bought groceries and then I bopped in to H&M to buy new slacks because my last ones ripped way bad haha so I had to retire them. So, anyway I found a super sweet super euro pair of pants for like 30 euros and I love them. Everyone has been commenting on how posh they are and all the other elders are jealous so I will include a picture of the new pants of course. After that we just played basketball and had a family night with ysas so that's always fun. Then Wednesday we went to Tampere and had a zone meeting which was great! We talked about coming up with visions for our areas and made plans and goals and stuff like that, so that was cool! After zone meeting I got to go out to lunch with the other turku elders and elder anderson (my old companion) and it was a ton of fun. Throughout the week we actually found a couple pretty good potentials. We talked to this one woman on the street right outside of her house who said that her husband had gotten a Book of Mormon from missionaries a really long time ago and they read a little bit back then, but haven't read it since, but she said we could come by sometime to explain more about it so she was way nice! Another day we did a little tracting near a members house that we were going to for dinner and we gave this young guy a book of mormon and he said we could stop by again some other time. A couple people have some referralls for us as well that we are trying to get appointments with so that is always promising! So, there's some good stuff happening for sure. On Friday we had a great basketball night, we had two less actives come out and one member brought a friend so it was awesome! Then yesterday we had a good day of church, unfortunately our investigator had to work again so couldn't make it, we may just have to hold out till the end of August or something till he can come I don't know, I sure hope he can find someone to work there in his place so that he can come at least a couple times a month. But he's doing well though, he's a way nice guy and pretty dedicated to reading and praying and learning about the gospel so he's doing well. But this week we are hoping to go out with a lot of home teaching companionships to get in contact with some less actives and hopefully use the ward more in teaching less actives, we think that would be more effective than just us missionaries showing up at their doors. Well anyways that's the whole week! Today we just have a normal P day of going to buy groceries and basketball and family night and all that stuff! So I love you guys and hope you have an awesome week!

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