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Monday, July 28, 2014

Finland Gets Hot?!!

Setting Up For Fest De Nord
Trying to Remember Guitar Skills
What the hey, how can sammy be turning 16 this week?! I can't believe it! I’m sure the entire week will be a pretty miserable experience for everyone involved, ha ha.  But, still I wish I could be there to celebrate with you guys! Well, I’m insanely jealous that you guys got to chill in Hawaii all week. sounds like it was awesome and that Sammy got an early birthday present from that bird haha Don't worry sammy a bird pooped on my head a few months ago here. Just right on top in all my hair and stuff it was pretty gross, but I'm a survivor I'm sure you'll shake it off haha. Well it's been super hot here! It’s been over 30 Celsius every day for like a week and it's pretty miserable because there's no air conditioning here anywhere. So, in church yesterday I was literally sitting there amongst a few hundred people in like a sauna with sun streaming in through the windows and trying to translate all of Sacrament meeting with one of the speakers talking about the histroy of the Catholic church during the apostasy and all of these different Ceasars of Rome, so it was pretty miserable. I was just dying. So, I never expected to deal with the heat in Finland haha but it’s made me glad that I'm not in  a country that is hot and humid with no AC all year long. Well, mom that training that you have to do in San Francisco or Philladelphia sounds awesome! Sounds like you'll be a super posh psychologist with all sorts of training throughout the world in no time. I miss learning science and secular things haha I’ve literally forgotten everything about chemistry and math... pretty bad. Well, we had a pretty good week here we had a ton of people at basketball on Friday like 15 people it was awesome. A couple of less actives and one less active brought a friend so that was sweet! Everyone had a good time there and one of the less actives that was there came to church on Sunday which was great! We spent a couple days helping members set up for Fest Di Nord which is this week! I'm super excited about Fest Di Nord. I think I’ve mentioned it before, it’s like a giant EFY for young single adults throughout the Nordic countries, but this year they have people from all over the place coming, there will be people from 27 different countries and like 600 people there so it will be awesome. So, this week we were working at that almost every day and the APs and the zone leaders are coming to help too and President Watson will be there as well, so it's going to be awesome. We are doing a mini MTC with people one day and then later that night going on splits with some people and we will have a car we can use and stuff so we’ll take a few guys out to lessons and stuff like that. So, that will take up most of the week, but it's going to be the funnest week ever. We'll mainly be hosting people to their rooms and then working at different stations while they do activites and stuff so we'll do all sorts of cool stuff, and the whole thing is up in Naantali which is sweet so we'll be chilling out on the beach or on cliffs on the ocean most of the time. That was pretty much the excitement of the week though. Oh, the new senior couple that just got here last week was at our district meeting and church on Sunday and they are way cool! I like them a lot. They've been living in Murray for the last thirty years but elder Puikkonen was born here in Turku and met elder Mortenson (the last senior couple) when elder Mortenson was serving his first mission in Finland a long time ago and he served in Turku. So they are like lifelong friends and remind me so much of each other it's way funny. Well that's all to report on this week. I love you guys so much! Have an awesome week and an awesome birthday Sammy!!!
District Meeting Fun
Elder Wilson teaching a lesson got some help from the kids

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