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Monday, August 25, 2014


August 4, 2014

Hello! We had a super fun week here this week! Fest di nord was awesome and was super successful, but it was crazy haha they needed all the help they could get there. Pretty much we were at the school where the whole thing was hosted for 3 days this week all day long doing random stuff. On Tuesday we helped all the people coming to fest di nord get to their rooms and check in, then that whole day we did one station of this big Amazing Race activity they did so we just chilled up on a cliff on the ocean all day while groups would come up and do a little game we had for them and then head off. So, it was tons of fun! I got to see a couple swedish guys that served here in Finland that recently went home so it was super fun to see them again! There were over 600 participants at this fest di nord it was huge! Everyone had a great time I think so it was a really good thing. So, then Wednesday The APs and the zone leaders were here in Turku staying with us and they did the mini mtc at fest di nord while all of us other missionaries washed dishes and did random stuff and then that night even all of us Turku missinoaries set up lessons with people that speak english and we took a couple of the guys that were at the mini mtc to lessons! So, elder Stephenson and I took out two guys, one Finnish kid who is like 18 and blind and is actually from Vaasa and I was at his house on Christmas so that was way cool to see him again! And then this guy names Lewis who is from England and who got baptized like 8 months ago! He was so cool! He is a rock solid convert and is like 22 and was just called as his ward's mission leader, and wants to serve a mission of his own in a few months. A way awesome guy! So, we took those two out to two lessons with one member and one recent convert member that both speak english and then went back to fest di nord. Then Friday we just did normal washing dishes and making food (which included making 600 sandwiches which I have pictures of) and then serving food at the fancy dinner they had that night.

So it was a ton of fun! Mainly we were just doing random tasks and running around all day and then translating for the older Fnnish ladies that were running the whole thing that didn't really speak english so it was an adventure haha I gained a much bigger appreciation for people who organize youth conferences and stuff like that now because it was a ton of work! Everyone was stressed out of their minds and everytime something went wrong or something needed to be done they were like "MISSIONARIES GO DO THIS GO GO GO"  It was way intense haha but in the end all the Finnish ladies were super grateful for us and calling us angels and stuff so it was pretty cool. On Thursday we weren't needed at fest di nord so we just did normal missionary work and we did splits with the zone leaders since they were here and it was a great day! We found a new investigator which was sweet! Pretty much for the last several months one of our less active members has been talking about this friend who gives him all sorts of anti mormon information and stuff like that so I was like you know what why don’t we just meet this guy and talk things out. So, we finally set up a lesson with this guy and the less active and at first the guy was just trying to bash but then I just said, hey usually when we talk to people we start with a prayer so is it ok if I pray? And he agreed. Then after the prayer it was completely different. He just let us start talking and teaching and he opened up to us about a lot of stuff and was super receptive and listened. It was amazing. Like a complete 180 degree turn around. So, we set up another lesson with him for Tuesday and he agreed to read from the book of Mormon so that was awesome! We're way pumped about that. Then on Saturday we just helped this family in our ward move in to a new house then Sunday had church and ate dinner with some members and stuff so it was all an awesome week! We had a great time! I'll send pictures and stuff of fest di nord. Well I can't believe that little sammy is 16 now! sounds like you guys all had an awesome week! I love you all so much! happy birthday again Sammy! bye! 

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