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Monday, August 25, 2014

Transfers, New City, New Responsibilities

August 25, 2014
Goodbye to the Turku Elders!
Hello!! OK so I had an insane week. So, Tuesday morning I got a call from president Watson and he said elder Wilson do you have a second? And I said yeah of course president what's up? And he said "you will be leaving tomorrow to come down to Espoo to serve as a zone leader" So I literally had to go home and pack and I left the next morning at 9 AM and moved to Espoo. I have no idea why haha it was super super random. Everyone gets their normal change calls this friday, but I just moved a week earlier for some reason so it was super weird and I was way sad to leave. I just called all my friends from the ward there in Turku right after her called and saw a few of them on Tuesday and then I left the next morning. But, Tuesday night since I was leaving the other Turku elders came over and slept at our place and they brought a bunch of food with them. We knew they were going to make us dinner, but when they came they brought an enormous pot of crawfish and muscles and stuff haha it was hilarious. So we had a crawfish feast and at a TON of food it was awesome! I was SUPER sad to leave Turku like that. I loved the members there so much so I wanted to be able to say goodbye to them all but sometimes that's just how it works out I guess. So, I'm in Espoo now which is a city right next to Helsinki, it's pretty much just the Helsinki suburbs but there are two wards here in Espoo and it's a really nice place. We live in a part of town called Kauniainen and it's all really nice big houses and cool cars, haha it's pretty sweet. My companion is elder Bascom who is from Atlanta Georgia and he's a way cool guy. He's been out only 2 months longer than me. We're having a good time here though. So, I'll be serving as zone leader of the Helsinki zone and then also president told me that I'm going to be trained as the next mission language coordinator. So pretty much the current language coordinator who serves in Helsinki will come up here to Espoo or I'll go down to Helsinki pretty often next change and he will train me on all the stuff I have to do for that calling. It's basically just like a language teacher for missionaries that need extra help and then he also gives the missionaries their language tests and grades them and that kind of stuff. So, that should be pretty cool I'm excited for that. Next change is Elder Down's last change (the current language coordinator) so after he leaves I'll just take his place. So anyway, lot's of new responsibility and work, but it's ok I'm excited to chill with elder Downs a lot he's way cool. So I got down to Espoo Wednesday, we had a district meeting that day and my district is way fun because Elder Wood (my former companion) is in it so that's fun that I get to see him. Then on Friday we had a meeting called Mission leadership council which is where all the zone leaders and sister training leaders and the APs get together here in Espoo and we all go to the temple and then go to the mission home afterwards and have a big meeting about what kind of stuff we want to focus on as a mission for the next month. So I got to go to the temple again! My second week in a row! Then chill at President Watson's house all day Friday. I didn't really know what to do or say since I've never served in the Helsinki zone before, but it was a cool meeting. Then yesterday we had church and we had an especially awesome sacrament meeting. My new ward here is great and we had one sister missionary who serves here as well who is going home tomorrow so she gave a talk, and then a native finnish girl here from this ward gave her farewell talk because she leaves on a mission this week! IT was an awesome Sacrament meeting. We also have some really cool investigators here! We have two investigators with baptismal dates that are progressing well and they were both at church yesterday! ONe of the investigators is this 18 year old kid who's step mom is a member and his dad just got baptized a couple of weeks ago! So there is really exciting stuff happening here in Espoo and I'm lucky that I get to be here right now! Well I think that is it from the week, this week we get to do splits and stuff like that so it should be a ton of fun. Well I love you all so much! Have an awesome week! 
Crawfish and Mussels Goodbye Feast

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