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Monday, December 15, 2014

September 1 Espoo

 Hello everyone! Well it's been a good week! My first full week in Espoo. We had a pretty good week of sweet lessons with investigators and finding new investigators as well. Mom- you wanted to know if we have a car, no we don't have a car. We just take buses and trains to get everwhere but the public transportation is way good. We have a train stop right by our house that takes us straight to the center of Helsinki in like 15 minutes so it's a pretty cool place. Our responsibilities are just to do call ins with district leaders on sundays and report the zone numbers to the APs. We also get to do splits a lot with missionaries around the zone so that's pretty fun. We did splits this week with the neitsytpolku elders (which is like downtown Helsinki) So that was a ton of fun. I was with an elder for the day and got to see how missionary work is done in the real big city, it was cool! Helsinki is a beautfiul place. This week we have some special stuff we get to do that will be super fun! The new group of missionaries flies in on Tuesday, so on Wednesday elder Bascom and I get to drive the big mission vans full of the new missionaries to this place called the Maistratti in Helsinki where they get their permit to live in Finland and all that stuff so we will drive them down there Wednesday morning then back to the mission home afterwards. We had to go with the aps yesterday to the maistratti to learn the route and it was super confusing, driving in Helsinki is crazy especially with big vans so it will be an adventure haha we'll see how that turns out. Then the following week we have the big mission conference that elder Bednar is coming to! We're way pumped for that and have to help out with setting stuff up for that. But this week we had some sweet experiences in Espoo! We have an investigator who is an 18 year kid and his dad just got baptized a few weeks ago. He is super close to being baptized himself and we taught him some commandments this week and it went well. He is pretty much doing everything we ask but says he just still doesn't feel ready so we're trying to find out what he is really expecting from all of this and we think we will be baptized sometime this month. There's this other sweet new investigator we found this week who is a sweet biker dude that came up to us and asked us to come to his place because he thinks he believes a lot of the same things we do. (that has never happened to me before) So we taught this guy and he loved everything then the next lesson he brought two friends along and one of the friends became an investigator as well. He is so cool and is super accepting of everything we've taught him so far! We have lot's of sweet people like that and our ward is awesome here! In church yesterday I was asked to translate so I had to wear the full on headset and all that intense equipment so it felt pretty legit. We had our 18 year old investigator in church yesterday which was awesome! I'm excited for the changes happening this week as well, I am going to have elder wood and elder Anderson both in my new district and they are both my former companions so that will be a ton of fun! Well I think that's all the exciting news for the week! O by the way, the office staff told me I had a package in the office so I had some other elders pick it up for me and when they gave it to me it was supposed to be for some guy named parker wilson who is one of the new missionaries coming in. So I think I still have the package for me in the office somewhere but I'll get it this week. Well I love you so much! Have a great week!

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