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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Vahnin Wilson

Vahnin Wood's Last Day
Hello! Well first off I've gotta say thank you so much for my awesome package this week! I thought the little Indie book was super adorable! The little sea shell that she taped on the front was a great touch haha And I loved everything in there. Chloe- the little awesome book was hilarious and I loved the socks and sweate that you sent! I'm going to buy some new pants today to match my sweet sweater and I've already worn both pairs of socks haha they're super sweet! Well This week was pretty great altogether. Our new ward is super cool, we went over to the bishops house for dinner on tuesday and their son who just got home from his mission a couple months ago is our ward mission leader so it's pretty fun hanging out with them. We also had some good success with finding this week. We found this super cool new investigator from Ghana who we've met with like 4 times in the last week and who came to church yesterday! It was way funny when we found him, we just talked to him on the street and elder McKnight said yeah we just talk with people about Jesus do you like Jesus and he responded by saying "Man I'm from Africa, of course I like Jesus" so we all laughed and he gave us his number and we've been over at his place like 4 times now. He's like 35ish and just a way funny guy. He is accepting the gospel really quickly though and he loved church yesterday, he said that he'll come every week! Unfortunately he may be moving soon to a cheaper apartment that would be in a different ward boundaries but either way I think this guy will get baptized. We invited him to be baptized on the 29th of November and he just said "yeah guys don't worry bout dat" haha he's a cool dude. But we also have this investigator who is an older finnish man who's wife was a member of the church but his wife passed away about a month ago and so now this man is interested in learning about how he can see his wife again and live with her eternally. We met with him this week with a member and taught about the priesthood and how the priesthood is the power that will allow him to live with his wife again. It went really well but unfortunately he didn't make it to church yesterday. But he also has a baptismal date. So we've got two investigators looking pretty good right now. 

Well this week should be exciting. We have a cool zone conference that will be combined with another zone and a member of the 70 is coming to speak to us. He is the president of the Europe Area and we're way excited to hear what he has to teach us! I have to conduct the meeting though so that's a little weird haha hopefully I don't mess up his name or something like that. Also we'll have some elders staying with us the day before that zone conference including elder Bascom (my former companion) so that'll be way fun. Also today we're going to go down to Helsinki to the Pizza Hut Buffet to celebrate my birthday! It'll be a little early celebration but I'm way excited. It will smell and taste like america. O also here on P days we play sähly at our church which is just like floor hockey with a wiffle ball but it's a huge sport in Finland. Like the go way hard at sähly so we can't compete with real finns but we all play together as missionaries so it's pretty fun. 

Alright well I think that's all the exciting stuff for the week. I love you all so much! 

Rakkaudella- Vanhin Wilson 

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