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Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's December

Well this week was pretty fun. We got to go over to Espoo on Tuesday to do splits so that was sweet! We were in the other ward though of Espoo so it wasn't like where I used to serve but it was still nice to be back over there and I was with elder Larsen for the day who is a way cool guy so it was awesome! Unfortunately everything they had planned didn't work out so it was kind of a slow day of contacting and checking on formers and stuff but we were able to find a couple of new potentials and a new investigator! I tried to see Pete who got baptized a little while ago but unfortunately he wasn't at his place and couldn't make it home in time so that was too bad. But he's still doing super well and loving everything and goes to church every week! Well after our trip to Espoo we came back here and had a normal week but it was a good week! We've been using this new church initiative with the He is the Gift video and people are really receptive to it! We give out a ton of pass along cards for people to watch the video online and have found quite a few new investigators through it. We found a really cool couple this week that are now investigators. They're like 30ish and the girl is from Peru originally and the guy is Finnish and they have a little baby and they were really nice! We met the girl on the street and told her about the Christmas message and then we went over and showed them the video and gave them both Book of Mormons and are going back on Saturday! So we're pretty excited about them. Unfortunately we had trouble meeting with a lot of our other investigators this week because a ton of people got sick so that was rough but hopefully they're all better this week and can meet. Everyone else we met with is doing well though. We're pumped for all the exciting stuff coming up like the Christmas Holidays! People from our ward have invited us over for Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the day after Christmas so we should be well fed and have a ton of fun! The Christmas celebrations here are always way exciting, we're hoping for some big feasts like last year.

Well this week coming up should be same, we have our district meeting and the normal schedule. I've been jamming the sweet Christmas cd that we always listen to back home and elder Mcknight is already converted to it. It brings me back to the good old days of matching Christmas pajamas and all that good stuff. It's still fairly warm here which is way nice but I hope that enough snow comes for Christmas. There hasn't been enough to really stick around yet. It's just been raining a lot and super dark but I'm just glad it's warm!
 Ok by the way I got my christmas package!!! Holy cow it's massive! Thank you so much to everybody that sent stuff I can't wait for Christmas to open all of this stuff up. I feel like I'm not even missing out on anything this year there were so many presents in there. You guys are all way too nice to me and I love you all so much. It came with stockings and everything, ha ha this is a real Christmas. Well I love! Have a good week. 

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