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Monday, December 15, 2014

September 9, 2014

Alright so first off I got my package this week!! Thank you so so so much family! I loved the giant poster thing you made for me, Indie's little picture was adorable haha I was dying! Thank you so much, the candy went down real fast and we'll probably make some of the brownies tonight. That push up thing you sent is also pretty sweet so thanks for that! I also inherited elder wood's full set of weights this week because he goes home soon and so he sold them all to me so I've got tons of work out equipment now. I should be set now! Well we did have a pretty crazy week, yes mom I remembered how to drive and drove everybody around safely so that worked out well. We were pretty much helping out with the new group of missionaries all that day on Wednesday but that was pretty fun. We got in 9 new elders which was much needed. Well life is good here in Espoo. Mom you asked what we do in Kauniainen for fun, well we get to play basketball on Saturdays but on Pday by the time we email and then buy groceries and stuff we don't really have any p day left ... so not a whole lot haha one member from Turku though is visiting Espoo today so he's taking me and Bascom out to lunch so that will be way fun! Mom you asked about elder Bascom, Bascom is way cool! He's from Georgia and played rugby in high school and was way in to working out and stuff so we talk about that kind of stuff a lot and he's a way fun guy. We're glad to be together. 
On Sunday we had Helsinki Stake Stake conference and it went great! We had it at some place in Helsinki that was just a big concert hall type of thing so that it would fit everyone but it was great! President Kearon (the area president) was there and president Watson spoke and everyone enjoyed it! There were some way cool musical numbers too and I got to see all the missionaries in the zone so it was a ton of fun! None of our investigators were able to make it so that was a bummer, but a bunch of recent converts were there so that was great! Our investigators are doing well though. One of our investigators  has read the Book of Mormon and is all the way to the book of Alma and feels like he'll be ready to be baptzied on the 20th of September so we are praying that everything works out so that he can be baptized then! This week we do have Elder Bednar coming! It will be awesome! He is going to be here on Friday. I don't really think I'll get to talk to him one on one at all but I'll get to shake his hand for sure and it will be a big question and answer session so maybe I'll ask him a question. Mom, honestly I haven't written in my journal as much as I should but I will definitely write in it this week! I'm super jealous that Marcus and Brittanie got to go to a Ravens game! Sounds like they're having a sweet trip! Tell Marcus to just man up and go to UCLA for his MBA so that we can all be in the same ward! Dad I was way jealous to hear about your manly motorcycle ride this week. It looks like a ton of fun! O also I was so proud to hear that lil Sammy is in an AP class! Way funny! It's bringing back memories for sure haha I never took AP Euro though so that's sweet! Is sammy still planning on the dental school route like she wanted when she was 8? Well I love you all so much! I hope you're all enjoying school and work and everything like that! We're busy but having fun over here in Finland! Have a great week! 

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