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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Baptism!!!!!!!!!

Vahnin Wilson and Pete

14 months and a Baptism, What a day!!

Hello everyone! Well it's been a way good week. I really like our new area even though we've gotten lost a couple of times and don't know anybody it's been super fun. The members we met at church yesterday seemed awesome and they are all super helpful with missionary work and very willing to go to lessons with us and all that good stuff. My new companion is elder McKnight from Dallas! He's way cool and we've been having a fun time together. Our new apartment is pretty cool, it's not like the nicest apartment I've lived in out here, but it's got some really nice things about it. We have a dryer which is super nice. In Finland they don't ever use dryers they just hang their clothes to dry so that's what I've been doing for the last year but our apartment is the only apartment in the mission (and pretty much all of finland) with a dryer so we have been enjoying that. It's a piece  and you have to do the drying cycle twice for it to work but still it's better than nothing! We also have a lot of space and a whole room dedicated for workouts. It's just like a second bedroom with mirrors and stuff that we have all my weights in and all the weights that previous missionaries left there and a weight lifting bench and so it's a sweet set up. We've been going way hard with the workouts and it's been super fun! Our area is just like the furthest north eastern side of Helsinki  and is just all straight apartment buildings and stuff. Nothing really cool to look at in our area but it's a good area and we've had some success this week finding people and get potential investigators and stuff like that. Our ward mission leader is the bishops son and is a way cool guy that just got back from a mission in England two months ago, we're going to his place tomorrow night for dinner and that should be fun. We've just been trying to find out way around our areas since we're both new here and we have a couple of less actives and recent converts to work with here so we've met a couple of them which has been good. 

Well the real exciting news for the week: P got baptized! It was great!! I went over yesterday to Espoo and got to watch the baptismal service and I was asked to give a short talk and bear testimony. P's member friend in the ward baptized him and it was a super spiritual experience for them both. It was just so great to see and feel how happy he was after the baptism. He came out of the changing room with his suit on with a huge smile and just full of life and light and it was just awesome. He was so grateful that I was able to come and he was just excited about everything. He got confirmed the next day in church by the bishop and he called me last night to tell me about it. He's doing really well and I'm planning on still seeing him from time to time in Helsinki at family nights at the mission office or somehow. As I was sitting in the baptismal service before the ordinance I just had the overwhelming feeling of it all being worth it and it was a really rewarding experience. I gave my short little talk and testimony on the importance of the Savior and how we can change and become perfected in him as the Book of Mormon says. It was a great experience and everyone there loved it. I'm excited for him to be able to progress as a new member and get his patriarchal blessing and go to the Temple and things like that. 

Well it was too bad that I didn't get to be at home with all of you for the sweet halloween celebrations and all that fun stuff but it was a good week. The weather hasn't been too cold here yet. It warmed up this week to above freezing but it's been cloudy and dark and raining for like 4 days so that kind of sucks haha it's getting pretty dark here already. It's setting in way hard. But it's all good at least I'm not up in the north. Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all the love and support each week! Have a great week! 

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