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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Leaving Espoo Too Soon

1AE.gif That's as festive as it gets out here in Finland. They don't really have Halloween here haha but regardless I am still a big fan of Halloween. I miss eating delicious scones and chili out of the bread bowls and all that good stuff. Well it sounds like you all had a sweet Halloween party though! I am dying to see a picture of Max as Darth Vader haha that is hilarious! Mom it sounds like your costume was the sweetest for sure haha that is so cool that you wore my name tag and everything. You would be such a great missionary! Well we had a pretty insane week. First off we got change calls, so what they're doing is switching the APs and the Zone Leader's areas around because they want the APs to be closer to the mission home so I was told on Saturday to get packed up and I moved this morning over to Marjaniemi which is an area of Helsinki just on the east side of Helsinki. So it has been a hectic last few days. Elder Bascom got transferred up to another zone to a city called Tampere and I will be in Marjaniemi as zone leader still and my new companion will be a guy named Elder Mcknight. I don't really know him too well but I've met him a few times and he seems like a really cool guy so that should be fun! He gets in tomorrow night so me and elder Bascom got picked up by the APs this morning and they drove us over to my new apartment and so we're hanging here in Marjaniemi and don't really know where we are but we're just chilling here till tomorrow. I'll take elder Bascom down to the central train station in Helsinki and he'll head out from there and then I'll hang with some other elders till my new companion gets in. So honestly I was not expecting to leave Espoo so soon and I was pretty bummed to leave. We had a lot of way cool people there and the work was going super well so we're disappointed to both leave the area when it was going so well. Our investigator that looks like CJ is still planning on getting baptized on Saturday and he had asked me last week to baptize him and I told him yes because I thought I would be there but now I'm gone. So I really hope that I can still make it over to Espoo on Saturday to be at his baptism because I'm not that far away and I could get over there on public transportation but we'll see. We talked to everyone we could though before we left and all of the members and investigators were kind of bummed but that's just how it goes as missionaries. It will be a little tough getting going in an area where we both don't know anything about it but I looked at the map and don't think it should be too bad so I think we'll learn the area pretty quickly. I hear that the ward here in Marjaniemi is sweet too so I'm excited to meet the members and get going here. 

Well we also took a language test two weeks ago at our zone meeting so all last week I was working on grading tests and then on Saturday I met elder Downs at the mission office and we entered in all of the scores in to the computer program and gave everyone their scores and all that good stuff so that was pretty crazy but it was fun! So every night I've been working on those and then doing the scores so elder Bascom and I didn't really get to pack until like last night at 9 and then got picked up this morning at 9:30 so it's been hectic. But other than all the craziness the missionary work was great last week! We had some great lessons with CJ and our 18 year old boy as well. The 18 year old boy started making great progress. He has always struggled with reading the book of Mormon and never really wanted to but last night we had our final lesson with him and he told us that he had read six chapters of the Book of Mormon! We were so excited! He's finally showing some really great progress! The African family with the little twins are doing well and he is excited to meet the new elders there and keep learning more about the church. We also had a real miracle on Sunday, a man came in to church and said that he had visited our church before and read a bit of the Book of Mormon but it was a while ago but on Saturday he just felt inspired to go to church the next day so he came and we set up a return appointment with him! He was a way nice guy and stayed for all 3 hours of church!  Also in church there was another nice surprise for me. Two of my friends from Turku came to our ward there to visit me and another sister serving in Espoo who also served in Turku! So I got to see two of the way cool YSAs from back in Turku that always helped out the missionaries so much and were super tight with us. It was so much fun to see them! One of them is a 19 year old boy who's almost done with the army and should be putting in his mission papers soon! It was so much fun to see them! 

So overall things in Espoo ended on a great note. I'll miss that place for sure. My time was way to short there but I'm here in Helsinki now and I'm sure I'll love Marjaniemi as well. Well I love you all! Have a great week!

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