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Thursday, December 18, 2014

November 17, 2014

It's a Bruin Birthday
Vahnin Wilson is 21

Well I didn't even realize I was hitting 15 months but you're right I'll hit it this week! Pretty crazy! I don't really know what we're doing for Thanksgiving or Christmas yet we don't have it planned out or anything but we'll probably not do a whole lot for Thanksgiving, but for Christmas I think we'll get invited over to some members houses and I can skype from one of their houses for sure. Well it has still not been too cold here. It snowed once last week but it melted the next day and it's sticking right around 0 degrees Celsius so it's not terrible thus far. It is getting super dark though which is rough, but you know it's better than -30. 

I had a great week though! Thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes this week I love you guys so much and it was a great birthday! I didn't get to go to Pizza hut on my actual birthday and last p day the buffet was closed, but we went another day and it was delicious. Super worth it. On my actual b day we had our combined zone conference with the Tampere zone so that was super fun because I got to see a lot of old missionary buddies and former companions and elder Bascom even stayed over night at our place so that was fun to see him. Elder Teixeira spoke to us a lot about finding and how to ask for referrals more effectively. He challenged us to really push the limits and forget about the limits that we have set on ourselves, but to really follow the spirit when setting goals. So we're hoping that we can all start to find more investigators as a mission and increase our averages as a whole. After the meeting I opened up my presents that you guys sent me wrapped up for me and I love it so much! The new sweatshirt is so sweet! I wore it today! And I needed the extra t shirt too so I was so pumped! I also made my sweet chocolate cake with the buttercream frosting and it was to die for. But I definitely will be looking forward to mom's homemade chocolate cake and my favorite stroganoff and all that good stuff! Well I'm 21 now which is pretty sweet but birthday's on a mission are pretty weird haha I don't feel like a 21 year old guy I feel like I'm still a 19 year old kid that just finished some schooling at UCLA but it's good to be older and wiser now. 

Well this week should be pretty exciting! Today we are going to play some more sähly which is always fun and I've been having a ton of fun with elder McKnight. We've been working out and having a ton of fun. Well our super golden investigator from last week moved to another area unfortunately so we're kind of starting over but our older investigator is still doing really well and we had a great lesson with him this week. Well I love you all so much! Have a good week! 

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