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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thanksgiving in Finland

Waffles and Chicken for Thanksgiving
Hello! Well yes this week will be my last Thanksgiving outside of America and I am happy about that. I don't really think we'll get to have any sort of celebration here so maybe elder Mcknight and I will find some sort of good manly meal to celebrate. It sounds like good old UCLA is tearing it up! That's way exciting! Yeah they better keep up the good work next year when I'm there to see it all! Thanks for being so diligent with your sports updates dad. 

 Well this week has been really good! We had a lot of fun stuff going on and the missionary work is going way well! In our own area we had a crazy good finding week, we found five new investigators. That's a ton! It was pretty crazy like practically every day we just went out to an appointment or were on the way home from district meeting or whatever and we just found a sweet person who was totally down to give their number and address and set up a time to meet! So we have two new people with baptismal dates and hopefully will get a couple more this week. We found this one man who is like a 45 year old finnish guy who has a daughter and is just a really good guy. Probably one of the most solid investigators I've ever taught. We went over and had a fantastic first lesson with him, he was very open and willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray to find out if it's true. we have another appointment with him tomorrow so we're pumped for that! Our other investigator that is the older man who's wife was a member of the church was planning on coming to church and stuff but unfortunately his daughter was in the hospital this weekend so he had to take care of his grand kids but we'll be meeting with him this week for sure. We also got to go down to do splits with the Neitsytpolku elders this week (the downtown Helsinki area) and that's always fun. We had a super fun day with them and got to see some cool stuff around Helsinki. I'll send a picture of the big Tuomiokirkko which is the big Lutheran church in Helsinki. They were getting a Christmas tree set up outside of it and it looks super cool. Well mom you asked about Peter I've talked to him a few times after his baptism and he's doing great! He's been being a super great member missionary and one of his friends has been investigating the church and coming to church with him and he now has a baptismal date so he's just doing fantastic! 

Well today elder McKnight and I are going to this sweet sushi buffet place because today is his birthday so we've been living large lately. This week we have the APs coming over to do splits with us and also on Friday we have MLC so we get to go down to President's house and go to the temple after our meeting and so that's always fun. 

Well I love all of you so much! Thanks so much for the love and emails I'll talk to you next week! 

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