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Monday, December 15, 2014

A Visit from Elder Bednar

Hey everyone! Mom I'm super jealous that you get to go to some sweet nerdy training seminars and stuff. Don't let dad get to you! What schools did Marcus apply to for his MBA program? Sounds like they're pretty serious about this, way cool! So yes we had our mission conference with elder Bednar this week and it was awesome! Seriously so so cool. It's always great listening to apostles speak at conference or in the MTC but being in a chapel with Elder Bednar and just missionaries was pretty incredible. He was just such a sincere and cool guy, like pretty much everyone was stressing out before the meeting trying to make everything so perfect and professional but Elder Bednar was so easy going and relaxed and was just awesome. He was there with President Kearon (from the area presidency) and both of their wives. And then one of the stake presidents from Finland and his wife were there. Elder Bednar pretty much talked for a couple minutes at the beginning and then asked us what we had all learned from a couple of talks that he asked us to read before he came. So some people would raise their hand and say what they learned and then Elder Bednar would expound on everything that was said and just blew our minds with awesomeness. Then he opened it up for all of us to ask him questions about whatever we wanted. So people just asked questions about all sorts of stuff and it went super well. Some of the questions were things like "can fear ever come from God as an answer to a prayer"- anser: no​. And other stuff like "why do we become prideful so easily" And elder Bednar just was being super wise and saying all sorts of profound stuff and teaching us a ton and being hilarious and easy to talk to all at the same time. It was sweet. Pretty much it all boiled down to this- Be good, honor your covenants. Try to be just a little bit better tomorrow than you are today and you'll be ok. He told us that the world is pretty crazy right now, but it will never be this good ever again. Things will get worse and worse for the rest of our lifes; but as long as we're trying our best and doing what he said, we don't need to fear it at all. So pretty much the spiritual thought for the week is pick some small things that we can all do better on, and focus and improving just a little bit every single day. Then as time goes by someday we'll end up wiser and more prepared for what lies ahead. We will essentially become .... the most interesting man in the world. 

Well Elder Bednar flew in that morning, had our meeting and then flew right back out. The morning of the meeting Bascom and I drove the big vans with a bunch of people that stayed the night at the mission office to the chapel where we held the meeting and then drove them all back afterwards. It was super fun to see the whole mission though. I got to see all my old buddies and it was the only time I've ever seen the whole mission together so it was a pretty cool experience. Well Elder Bednar was definitely the highlight of the week but we did some other cool stuff as well! Things with our investigators are going really well. He is about halfway through the Book of Alma now and lives all of the commandments and has stopped drinking coffee and smoking! He feels ready to be baptized so we are just preparing him and hopefully in the next couple of weeks he gets baptized! The 18 year old kid is doing really well also, he was at church yesterday too and had a good time and is just working on getting answers to his prayers. I invited him to say kneeling prayers this week though and I hope that that helps him get a more clear answer. We have this one member in our ward that got baptized like almost a year ago but that we still visit every week and he is in to theater and stuff like that and he was in a play on Saturday. So we went to watch his play which was way cool! It was a musical and they did the play Honk (the ugly duckling one) and it was super funny because I remember watching Chloe do the same play when she was in high school but this time it was all in Finnish so it was pretty interesting. It was just at this little theater in Espoo and I think our member was really glad we came so that was a pretty fun experience. 

Well this week should be another good one. We have a zone conference on wednesday that president Watson will be in charge of of course. Then on Friday we have MLC which is the meeting we have once a month for all the zone leaders and aps and stuff and we get to go to the temple so I'm excited for that! 

I love you all so much! Have a good week! 

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