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Monday, December 15, 2014

Conference Weekend

Hey everyone! Well alright I'm super bummed to hear that UCLA and the texans both lost..... way dumb. The only upside is that USC lost as well so that's good. A pretty tragic weekend for everyone though. I met an American this week from Los Angeles who was a USC fan so it got me all worked up and stuff just like the good old days.  Well this week was great! We started off by doing some splits with the Neitsytpolku elders (that's like the downtown Helsinki area. So I was down with an elder who's brand new for the day and we had a great time! It was cool we got to walk around some areas of Helsinki I'd never walked around before and I took some sweet pictures but unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera today.... so I will email tons of sweet pictures next week though! It kind of felt back to normal being with a trainee for the day, pretty fun! It was funny too while I was down there we had a lesson with this less active guy who got baptized a couple years ago and has schizophrenia and stuff and so we just had a normal lesson with him. And then at conference this weekend he borrowed some missionaries phone to call me and he was like "hey Wilson will you be there at the church tonight to watch conference" And I said yes and He was like "ok cool I'll see you soon" So I thought that was pretty weird. So that night I saw him and he came up to me and says in english "Hey I'm glad to see you again, you really made an impression on me because you don't talk so much trash hahaha so apparently I he really liked me it was pretty funny. O also a pretty crazy story from this week. So there's this Filipino lady that lives here in Helsinki and she is a member that got baptized about a year ago. And she was talking to me at Conference and said that her sister just recently moved from Hawaii to the Woodlands Texas! And that she went to the good old Sterling Ridge church building last sunday on Fast Sunday because the sister convinced her to go check it out. And somebody was bearing their testimony and mentioned me and that I was serving a mission in Finland! She said she thought it was my mom but it obviously wasn't mom since she wasn't in the Woodlands last Sunday but whoever it was it was perfect because this Filipino lady got way excited and is now being taught by the missionaries there in the Woodlands!  So it's a pretty small world haha I thought that was a really cool story though. 

Well for the rest of the week we did the normal stuff, ate dinner at a members house one day which was super fun! The dad is super in to guitars and music and stuff so I talked music with him for a long time which was sweet. We taught our investigators a few times and on Wednesday we got the 18 year old and CJ to come down to Helsinki with us to go to institute. It went well, I think they both enjoyed it. After institute me and CJ grabbed the guitars there and jammed for a while which was super fun! He's played guitar his whole life and was in bands and stuff so it was sweet! Then General Conference weekend of course was great! We had all the elders in our district together Friday and Saturday night so that we could take a car to conference. We went down to the Haaga chapel which is just like the north side of Helsinki. So our whole district and a couple other districts from around Helsinki all watched conference there and there were a bunch of members there as well that speak english. So we got to watch it all in english! I haven't been able to watch the sunday afternoon session yet but I saw everything else. I agreed with dad I really loved the Saturday afternoon session, it was just all great talks right in a row and it was fantastic! I don't know if I had a favorite talk but elder Holland was a power house as always and I loved President Callister's as well. 

Today we're doing a district activity, we're going to play basketball pretty soon all together and then go down to Helsinki to the only pizza hut in Finland for a pizza buffet! We're super excited! 

Well I think that's everything from the week. I love you all so much! 

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