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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's Almost Christmas

Christmas in Helsinki

Wow, I really wish that I could watch the Grinch with everyone on Christmas Eve, such a classic movie! Well Merry Christmas everyone! Wow, I get to skype in like 3 days that's pretty nuts. I'm crazy excited! Well life has been good here in Helsinki, it did snow this week so it's looking nice and chrismtasy outside. You guys are going to California next week?! Dang .... just one more winter of not being there haha I can make it. That'll be way fun though have a great time in California and hopefully you find some cool apartment options! It snowed crazy hard yesterday so I hope that the snow stays around till Christmas! It's not too cold outside though just a few degrees below freezing. 

Well this week was actually really good. Like it was probably the best week of missionary work that I've had on my entire mission! With three missionaries it's different for sure but we're able to do member splits all the time so we had members take one of us out to lessons while the other two did other stuff and one night all three of us when out with members so it's been pretty fun and we had a ton of success! We found 7 new investigators and taught like 13 lessons to investigators so that was by far the best week I've ever had. It was way crazy. We've been using the new church christmas video thing and finding a lot of investigators so it's been really cool to see. One of our really good investigators was able to come to church yesterday and he said that he liked church and would come again next week! We have a few really cool investigators right now that we're pretty excited about. This week will definitely be slow since we have three red days in a row when we can't do missionary work but we're all super pumped for what we have planned on all of those days. On Christmas Eve we are going to that super sweet family that's half italian half finnish and they have 5 little kids so that should we way fun! They're going to make tons of food and we'll just hang there all night and then Santa Clause always comes and all of the little kids have to sing a little Finnish Christmas song or else Santa will leave without giving them their toys so it's super cute and we're way excited to hang with them. Then on Christmas we are going to the Bishops house and that's where we will get to skype from! Then on the 26th which is also a big holiday in finland we are going to a couple other members places to eat so we will be well fed this week. Not only are we getting fed by a ton of people but we also have big plans this week to make our famous waffles, muffins, german pancakes, all sorts of good stuff. We went pretty hard at the grocery store today but it's ok it will all be worth it. Then on Friday or Saturday we will get our change calls for the next change, pretty weird. Yeah I would guess that the tripe will definitely get split up so I have no idea if I'll stay or go or what will happen but it'll be interesting but I'm excited to find out! Yeah mom you asked about tripe life, it's definitely different but we've gotten it to work pretty well. We have the fridge perfectly sanctioned off to get all the food in there and three desks and all that so it's big enough for us. We probably scare people when we try to stop them on the street, three foreign guys in big black coats and it's pitch black all the time so Finns are pretty intimidated by it haha but it works out all right. 

Ok I don't have a whole lot more to say today, I'm just so excited to skype! I'm sad that I can't be at home to enjoy the Wilson celebrations but don't worry next year I'll come up with a way good diddy for Christmas eve and it'll be great! Alright I love you guys so much! I'll skype at 7 pm (Helsinki time) on Christmas so be ready for it! I llove you guys I'll see you soon! 

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