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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

18 Months!!!

February 17, 2015

Well mom reminded me that I will hit my 18 month mark this week, that's super weird! That is a pretty long time. Yes I've eaten quite a few strange meats in the last 18 months, but I'm still kicking (ps mom bear meat isn't a common thing to eat, it's like something that people do up here in the north but it's super posh and expensive). Well we had another really awesome week! The weather isn't to bad, just a few degrees below zero most days, and the sun is shining so much now (relatively) and so it's way less dark and depressing. Like in Finland in the month of November there was a total of about 12 hours of sunlight or something like that, it was absolutely nuts. Just because the days were so short and it was cloudy every single day haha so now it feels like it's sunny and bright all of the time. 
Our week was awesome though, the people that we are teaching are doing super well. We have three people scheduled to be baptized on the 28th of this month. The mom and dad of the finnish family, and then this other Chinese guy who is a student here. He's such a nice guy and is super sweet and it's looking like he will make it on the 28th as well. So we are just praying that those will all work out! They are all doing great, reading and praying and they all came to church again on Sunday. Well the dad of the Finnish family couldn't make it because he had some special work thing but the wife and the baby still came which was awesome! We'll teach both of them three times this week and by then they will have been taught everything, it will just be up to them to go for it! It's kind of a weird situation though because the baptismal font in our chapel here is under renovation so we have to find somewhere else to baptize all the people. So we are going to look around at some swimming pools and stuff like that this week. Maybe they'll even want to be baptized in the frozen river you never know haha Our other investigators are also progressing though we have a Korean man and that Russian mom both scheduled to be baptized on the 14th of March and I believe that they could both be ready for that as well. The Korean man came to church again on Sunday and loved it. The Russian mom didn't make it to church, but we have an appointment with her tomorrow and then on Thursday she is going to come to the church and we'll give her a church tour which will be awesome! So everyone is looking super solid and it's just a ton of fun to teach them all. We found a few cool new potentials as well so this week we have a lot of stuff set up. Oh the American girl we found a few weeks ago also came to church and she loved it! She stayed for all three hours and had a great time. We had five people in church this week which was awesome! The ward did a great job of fellowshipping everyone as well, it just went really nicely.
Well today the AP's are flying up to Oulu to do splits with us so we have a bunch of stuff set up for tomorrow for a nice day of splits. We also have this little ward party tonight for this holiday here called laskiainen. Basically everyone just gets together and eats a bunch of pulla and pancakes so I am going to make a ton of dad's special pancakes and provide some American style pancakes for the party. They will probably all think they're weird, but I don't even care our pancakes are the best! That's pretty much everything for the week though. 
Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all the love and support and everything you do! 

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