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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The work continues....

February 10, 2015

Hello! Well it's birthday month, happy birthday Mandy and little Maxie boy! Hope you guys have awesome birthdays :) 
We had a super good week here again! Oulu is still awesome. We got 6 people in church on Sunday which is the most I think I've ever had. Including our whole Finnish family! They came to church and they liked it and we're going to their house tomorrow night so we're praying that they felt good in church and are feeling good about being baptized. We had some awesome lessons with them this week. We asked the dad if he had prayed and asked God if this church is true and he told us that he did pray one night and he didn't really feel anything. So the next night he was laying in bed just thinking about his prayer and everything we've taught him and he just started to feel really really good and he even felt like he was hearing some sort of voice telling him that it was true. And he just couldn't figure out what he was feeling so he walked out in the kitchen where is wife was and started talking to her and she said that she was feeling really peaceful and that there was something good there in the room. We were super pumped and explained to them that that is the spirit and that is their answer that they should be baptized. So they are just still reading and praying and doing a great job. They told us on Saturday that they had been looking at pictures online of General conference and they were asking us what it entails to be mormons and about the commandments and stuff so we are going to teach them some commandments this week and we are feeling way good about them. We also had some great lessons with a Chinese student that we are teaching and he committed to read and pray every day and come to church every week until the end of this month so that he can really find out if God is real and so that he can be baptized. I don't really know what the difference is up here mom, you were asking me why everythings going so well and I honestly don't really know but it's just happening for us. It's cool to be with someone else that's experienced and we've taught tons of people for the past year and a half and I feel lik we've both just gotten better with our actual teaching skills and people are just really getting it. 
Horse sandwich
Well we went up to Rovaniemi on Thursday night to do splits there on Friday. It was a ton of fun! It was like a three hour drive north, it's soooo far up there haha Rovaniemi is an awesome city. It's got a ton of cool tourist attractions like Santa's village and it's also a super good place to see the northern lights but unfortunately we didn't see them :( But it is a beautiful city. I took a bunch of pictures so I'll send those after this email. While there we went to this place called Nili for dinner and it's like a Sami restaurant. Samis are the people that are native of the lapland in finland. The sami language is kind of similar to finnish but just like a different dialect. But they had Sami music playing and everything so it was way fun. On the menu they had some sweet options like Bear sausages and a tender Bear roast. I wanted the bear roast but it was way expensive so I went with a plate of Reindeer and mashed potatoes which was delicious. Pretty gamey but very tasty. O that reminds me, last p day elder Ahlquist and I were feeling adventurous so we bought some straight up horse sandwhich meat and tried some horse sandwiches but... it was absolutely disgusting hahaha just straight up horse is super intense. I'll send some pictures of that as well. 
Finnish Feast
This week we are going to have a zone meeting here in Oulu which will be cool and then do splits with  the other set of elder here in Oulu. So should be a good week. 
I love you guys so much! I'll talk to you next time!

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