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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Horse Meat and a lot of Travel

A visit to Seinajoki
Hey! I'm glad that everyone liked the horse meat I'll bring home a few packs in my suit case so that you can all try them. It looks like baby Rosie would love it haha I loved the picture of her chowing down on the sausage, so cute. Well we had another really good week here in Oulu!
Our investigators are doing really well and we've found a lot more really cool ones lately. Yesterday we even found an American!!! We were so excited haha she is from New York and goes to the University here in Oulu to study Finnish and culture. Super random but we're way pumped. This is the first time I've ever taught an American person on my mission, I can't really describe why it makes us so happy but it just does. Being away from America for so long has taken it's toll I guess. Yesterday we had a pretty insane day actually we tracted in to a super cool Finnish guy who just let us in his apartment straight away... that is the second time that has ever happened to me on my mission haha it's pretty rare. He is a super cool guy, he plays guitar and is getting his masters degree right now and is a way good solid investigator. We're going back to his place tomorrow. Our current investigators are doing extremely well too. The one Finnish family that we're teaching is still doing awesome. The dad has read like over 100 pages of the Book of Mormon and he said that him and his wife always talk about the things that we teach them and what they read in the Book of Mormon and that they are seriously considering joining the church. They were out of town this weekend again but this weekend they are in town and will be coming to church, we're super pumped! Everything is going great with them. We have a lot of really good members that are super willing to come to lessons with us and so everything is just working out lately. Last week we also got to go down to a city called Vaasa and do splits with the elders there. It is like a 6 hour train ride so it was a journey but a lot of fun. We got to switch trains in Seinäjoki as well so I hopped out and took a picture of my old hood. They actually have an investigator that is getting baptized this Saturday in Vaasa so we are going to go back this week to do the baptismal interview. Unfortunately we also have our monthly meeting down in helsinki on Friday so we are going to wake up and drive to Vaasa early Thursday morning, do the interview, and then drive right back to Oulu. Then we take a plane that leaves thursday night and we fly to Helsinki. Then we leave from Helsinki back to Oulu on a night train that leaves Friday night. So it will be a pretty hectic couple of days but it will be fun. 
O ok funny story for the week- we have this investigator here who is an older Finnish man and lives in a really nice house and stuff. He's way cool and he has two pet ferrets.  When we go over we sit at his kitchen table and these ferrets come up and scratch and try to bite our feet the entire time so we have to wear our shoes so that they don't bite our toes haha one of the ferrets even crawled inside of elder Ahlquist's bag and he had to pick up the bag and shake it out haha super funny. 
Alright well I love you all so much! Have a great week I will talk to you all next time!

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