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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


February 24, 2015

Hello! Mom the weather here is alright, it's just hanging right around 0 degrees celsius and it's snowing today. The snow here last till like april or June so it won't leave any time soon haha but at least it's not that cold anymore. The worst part is that it just get's super slushy and icy everywhere and it's way gross. But the sun shines much more now and it's pretty nice. 
Well mom that was way cool to hear about Patti's brother's convert here. Tell him that we appreciate the info and we will try to find her and contact her. Well all of the baptisms that we had scheduled for this week won't happen this week. But it's ok, we're still teaching all of the investigators and I still think that they will be baptized but they just need a little more time. The Finnish couple that was going to be baptized are still doing really well. We asked both of them how they felt about baptism. The wife said she feels totally ready and wants to be baptized, but then the husband said he's just still not sure about things and he is pretty hesitant to belong to a set organization like so they just need more time. The husband said himself though that he likes the church and book of mormon, and that he could very well be baptized in the future but right now he's not ready to make the changes. The wife however is still considering being baptized pretty soon. She got a little scared that the husband doesn't want to be baptized right now so she's nervous and she is still struggling to quit drinking coffee. But I think that she can do it and that she'll will be baptized in the next few weeks. So even though the week was sad and rough in some ways, it was still really good and a rewarding week. Our other investigator who is the 30 year old mom from Russia is just awesome. She is the most prepared investigator I've ever taught. We taught her a great lesson at her house this week and then the next day we met her at the church for a church tour. We showed her the chapel and explained what happens in church and taught a little lesson and she just loved it. She was feeling the spirit super strong and she told us that for a while before she met us she had been going through a rough time. Her kid was being pretty difficult and had a bit of a temper and nothing was going right for her and so she prayed every day and asked God to just help her out. She felt like she had done something wrong and just wanted help. Then a few days later we talked to her outside of her house. She said if she had not been praying for guidance she would have shut us down and not talked to us at all but she felt like maybe we were the answer to her prayers. So now, about a month later she told us that she believes that it really was a sign from God that this is what she needs to do. It was probably the coolest lesson I've ever taught. She said that she would come to church but then unfortunately her husband had work and she had to stay with the baby so she wasn't able to make it to church. That was sad. But she's great and I'm sure that she'll figure out how to make it next week. 
Well this week we have our transfer calls coming. We'll probably get called on Saturday and find out what's happening. I guess that I'll stay here and I'll probably get a new companion. But you never know. I've been getting thrown all over the place. But I really really want to stay here in Oulu I love this place. O this week there was a huge YSA event in Oulu so YSAs from all over finland came up here and came to church on Sunday. So I saw a ton of people that I knew from Helsinki and Espoo and all my friends from Turku!! It was awesome! It was like all the people that I love in Finland all together it was so much fun to see them all. I sat with a bunch of the people from Turku who are all waiting on mission calls and have exciting stuff going on so it was awesome. Overall a great week. Well I love you all! I'll talk to you next week!

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