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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Conference in Finland

April 7, 2014
Hello everyone! Ok so this week was pretty great because we had General Conference!! I got to watch all of it except I still haven't seen the Sunday afternoon session, I don't even know when I will get to watch it hopefully next P day when it's all online. But anywho Conference was awesome. As it got started it was just intensely spiritual and I loved it! It was so cool seeing how people all over the world experience conference in different ways, but it's so important to them. We had a tv set up in the Relief society room that was playing in english and then they had the Finnish translation set up in the chapel. So, we got to watch in english with members that speak english and even some Finns who speak way good english and prefer hearing it in english so it was awesome! So we got to watch the Saturday morning session on Saturday night and it was live and then all the other sessions on Sunday. It was way good, I desperately needed a big spiritual refresher like that. It's always so nice to just be reminded what it's all about and why we're all out here on missions and stuff. I especially loved President Monson's talk during the Sunday morning session, he said something that was way cool he said "If we truly love God, then we will love our fellow man" that is something that's a continual struggle as a missionary. It's hard to love people all the time when you get rejected hard core all day or something like that, but I just love that if we really love and appreciate God then the love of man will just come naturally. It was all exactly what I needed to hear. But other than conference we had a great week! 
We had this super intense lesson with our investigator that came to church last week. He's like 50 and is pretty depressed and has a drinking problem and he opened up to us during our lesson and told us that he's so depressed because he had little twin baby boys that died when they were a few months old and it was just heart breaking. We started teaching him about the plan of salvation and how we can all be ressurrected and live again. He said that he has trouble accepting the fact that God's plan included the death of Jesus but we just taught him about the atonement and that Jesus sacrificed himself for us so that this whole plan would be possible and it was just all super intense and very spiritual. Other than that we didn't have a whole lot going on this week, everything else we had planned kind of fell through on us and it was a slow week but overall it was great! O this less active guy we've been working with said that he finally feels that having faith is important and just trusting in his faith and that he wants to start over and come back to church and stuff and it was way good! Hopefully we start seeing some progress there! He is a guy that one of the teachers I knew in the MTC baptized when she served here in turku so it's way cool that here I am a few years later helping that same guy get back on track. But, yes that's pretty much all the excitement! It was a good week! This week should be good too! We have a zone meeting on Wednesday in Tampere and I'm pretty sure we will be taking a language test during it. Every six months everyone in the mission takes a language test and the score will tell you if you're on track and learning Finnish at the pace you should be. It also ranks all the missionaries in the mission so President will know who would be able to train new missionaries and stuff like that. So, we will see how that goes haha. Oh, also this week we are having a going away party for the Mortensons! The senior missionary couple that has been serving here in Turku for a year and a half. We are all going to miss them like crazy they are awesome. The ward loves them to death. So I can't wait for their party and all that. Well that is the whole week! I love you all and hope you all have a great week!

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