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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Work Goes On

March 31, 2014
Hello all! So we had another pretty good week! Some really good stuff happened, our area is starting to beef up quite a bit. So we didn't actually find any new investigators but we got in touch with quite a few less actives and recent converts who are down to meet and we got to teach a few of them and one guy came to basketball on Friday which was way good! There is this guy in the ward here who got baptized a few years ago and he was taught by one of the sisters that was a teacher in the MTC so it was way funny. I was asking him about her and he thought it was so cool that I knew her and stuff. He has fallen in to inactivity, but we got him out to volley ball and basketball this week and had a pretty good lesson with him! We also have this investigator who we gave a church tour to like three weeks ago but then he kind of fell off the map and wouldn't respond to us or anything and we had kind of given up on him but we were in his area on saturday and we decided to stop by and he was home and let us in! We had a super good lesson with him and at the end he prayed with us and everything! His prayer was very good and sincere and very eye opening for me, he started off his prayer by adressing God and then introducing himself to him saying his name and where he was from and stuff. And it was kind of funny but really showed me how crazy it is that most people in the world don't know Heavenly Father and they don't think he knows them. It's like we all have the greatest source of support in our lives that most people don't even know exists. And the fact that we can help people find out that he's really there and knows us is super cool to me. 
Lutheran Church in the center of Turku
Well so we offered to get this guy a ride to church the next day and he came! A member brought him and turns out they have a mutual friend from when they were kids so they hit it off and it went really well. He liked church a lot and even asked us if there were things he could come to at the church during the week haha Then at church this member brought a friend with them to Sacrament meeting who has been quite a few times so we're going to try to start meeting with him as well! So there are some good things going on! Well I am super excited for general conference! It is going to be a very different experience here in Finland. We watch the first session at the church on Saturday night and then we watch all the others on Sunday except we don't get to see the Sunday night session so we will watch it online some other time I guess. It will be awesome though, we have been inviting lots of people and members have been saying they will invite friends! There is this one recent convert in our ward who is from Nigeria and he's way cool and we gave him all the times for the sessions yesterday and he was like O awesome man I will play soccer with my friends on Saturday and then invite them to conference! So hopefully we get to meet some people this weekend during conference! Can't believe this is already my second general conference as a missionary. Pretty crazy. Well that was pretty much all the exciting stuff from this week! I love you all and hope you're all doing well!

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