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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mammi and Easter Traditions

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Sunny Day on the Bay
April 14, 2014
Well I've already been in turku for 8 weeks and we get our change calls on Friday! Pretty crazy! The changes just go by faster and faster each time. I would guess that I will stay here in Turku since I just got here and that's what I hope happens! I love this place I don't want to leave yet! Well our week was really good! We went up to Tampere on Wednesday for a zone meeting and it was great! We talked about the things we are supposed to do with investigators in the first ten days of teaching them and how we can do them more effectively so it was really good. The Mortensons (our senior couple in Turku) gave some departing testimonies to us and it was super cool, we will all miss them so much they are super sad to leave. The whole ward has been lamenting them leaving for months they all love them to death. Well we ended up not taking a language test up at the zone meeting, I'm not sure why, but we dodged that bullet haha. So, then we came back and had a good normal week. We had another lesson with our investigator that is depressed, but it was a good lesson and he prayed with us again and he came to church on Sunday again! It was super good! We also had a good lesson with this less active guy we have been meeting with on Saturday. He is from Venezuela originally and he got baptized there when he was a teenager but then moved to Finland four years ago and hasn't been to church since. But, he came to watch conference last week and was in church again yesterday! He's a really cool guy and knows a lot about the Bible and has lot's of good questions about the Book of Mormon and stuff so it's always fun to meet with him. He says that he wants to come back and start over in the church so we think he will keep coming!
 Well another cool thing that went on this week was we had a big surprise party for the Mortensons on Saturday! Both Turku wards got all together in the gym and it was all decorated and had tons of food and stuff and some members went and got the Mortensons and blind folded them and walked them in to the gym and it was super fun! They loved the party. The wards had an awesome program and it was super well organized. They sange some traditional Finnish songs in Acapella groups and they had some members that played instruments playing in a band playing music all night and it was a ton of fun. There were a ton of non members and less actives there as well which was great! They had a whole slide show of pictures and everything so it was very cool. One member was telling me that before the Mortensons got here there were literally like no YSAs and they never did activites or anything, but now they have like 10 people at Family night every week and they do all sorts of activities and they all love it. The young adults are going to miss them especially bad. So, in sacrament meeting yesterday the Mortensons both spoke and it was packed. After church we went to a member's house to eat and it was so much fun! We went to their house once before, they have a 16 year old daughter and 14 year old son and they're just a way nice family. We told them last time we were there that some members take pictures of themselves and then we put the picture in Book of Mormons that we give out to people. So, when we were there yesterday they had us take some pictures of them studying the Book of Mormon as a family and the kids were super embarrassed and complaining the whole time hahaha it was way funny.  We had a good time and we all talked about Easter traditions a little bit. They said that in Finland the Easter Bunny comes and puts chocolate in their baskets, but doesn't hid them or anything like that so it's pretty similar. The main difference is that they eat this stuff called Mämmi on easter and o man.... it is terrible. It tastes like raw gingerbread batter covered in cream but it's just super bitter and nasty and they have to cover it in cream and sugar to try and mask the taste of mämmi, but it's too powerful and overbearing haha! I don't know why they like that stuff, even a lot of finns say that it's pretty nasty but they all eat it. But that was pretty much the whole week! This week will be fun too! On Friday we are having a district meeting and then we are going to tour the castle here in Turku! I'm excited it should be awesome so I will send lots of pictures of that next week! Well I love you all! Have a great week and an awesome Easter!
Elder Wilson sent a bunny pic for Sammy and Mitzi:)

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