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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

9 Months

A pic  from our Skype call last week!!
May 18, 2014
Well I hit my 9 month mark in two days! Pretty insane!! Pretty soon I'll be in the older half of all missionaries in the mission. Super weird to think about because I still feel like I'm brand new! Well mom I loved the quote you wrote in your email this week by Elder Bednar and it just reminded me of this cool story I heard last week from my bishop. So my bishop is Finnish obviously and he served a mission here in Finland. Well Elder Bednar's son also served a mission here in Finland and was my bishops trainer haha and then later on elder Bednar's son was an assistant to the president and when he left to go home my bishop filled his place as the assistant. And elder Bednar came to Finland to pick up his son from Finland and so some members around here have pictures with Elder Bednar in their homes and stuff like that, super funny! Just a crazy coincidence but I thought that was pretty cool. Well anyways we had a good week here! It started by doing some splits on tuesday with the other elders here in Turku. I was with elder Barnhart for the day who is also brand new and we had a great day! A few weeks ago I met this lady on a bus who is an english teacher at a school right outside of Turku and she teaches kids in grades 3-6 and when she realized that me and my companion were americans she asked if we would be able to come to her classes sometime just to speak english to her students so that they could practice and hear native speakers so we said sure. So we did that Tuesday morning, just hung out in the elementary school all day with this teacher and by the end of the day we were the most popular kids in school hahaha all the kids would talk to us inbetween classes and these 6th grade boys even asked me for my playstation name so that we could play playstation together online haha and the 5th grade class all wanted to perform their act for the talent show they just had so they all did a little dance for us it was hilarious. It went even better than expected and it was a really good thing! 

Well after that we just had a normal day but we did talk to one guy on the street who said he has been to our church a few times in the past and gave us  his number and address and we have an appointment set up with him for this wednesday so we are excited about that! The rest of the week was just normal stuff, we were able to set a baptsimal date with our other investigator who is from Cameroon originally and works at a little restaurant and we feel good about that! So everything is going well with all our current investigators! We just need to keep finding new people which is always the hard part, but we have a couple good potentials. On Saturday we went to a members house to do some service, it was the same member that elder anderson and I chopped wood for for like 5 hours one saturday about 4 weeks ago. We chopped a little more wood and their friend was there who has been to church with them a few times! We got to talk to him a little bit and he ended up coming to church again on sunday which was awesome! Then yesterday in church elder Rossiter and I taught the english gospel principles class which went really well and then after church we went over to this family's house to eat dinner and it was so fun! they are a way nice family and have a couple daughters out on missions right now (one of them I met in the MTC) and it was super fun! Their other daughter who just graduated highschool is waiting for her mission call as well and this other girl that is in the Turku 1st ward just got her mission call to Temple Square! She was super excited about that so pretty soon there will be a Finn walking around temple square so keep your eyes open when you walk through there haha But other than all that that is pretty much the week! Tomorrow the zone leaders are coming down from Tampere to do splits with us and the other Turku elders so that will be fun! I'm excited for that! But that is everything! I love you all have a great week!

Elder Rossiter had some glass in his foot, Elder Wilson attempted to remove it. 

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