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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

April 28 First Experience Training a New Elder

Well I had a super crazy week! So last Monday I sent Anderson off on his way to his new city (Tampere) and then I chilled with elder Alquist for a while who is the other elder in Turku who is also training a new missionary! So then him and I left for Helsinki a few hours later! We got to Helsinki around 9 and stayed at the elder's apartment in Neitsytpolku which is like one block from the office. So Monday morning we had a trainers meeting with President Rawlings. There are 5 elders and 2 sisters training. He just talked to us a bit about how we should help the new missionaries and especially with learning Finnish and all that. Then we all ate lunch with all the new missionaries and got to know them a bit. Then after lunch President paired us with our new companions and sent us off. My new companion is elder Rossiter from Dallas. He grew up in Texas and then moved to New Mexico for high school and then his parents moved to California so he lived there for like a year before he came out on a mission. Kind of funny he has a girlfriend who is starting school at UCLA in the fall. Super funny. 
So anyways we came back to Turku Tuesday night and then Wednesday we did some service for a member which was just clearing out some wood and stuff like that but then they fed us lunch. Later that day we ate at another members house and then had an awesome lesson with our investigator who's kind of depressed and stuff! He told us that he is getting his old job back and is trying to quit smoking and drinking! He seemed so happy and was like a different person! He told us that he has really liked coming to church and stuff and basically said he likes it better than any other he has ever been to. So we invited him to be baptized on the spot and he said yes! So this week we are going to set a solid baptismal date with him and help him quit smoking and stuff like that but it was really good! A super solid lesson! We had a few more days of pretty good successful missionary work and then on Saturday we headed to Tampere for Stake Conference! We went right to the chapel there in Tampere for the Saturday night session which was awesome. The area president, President Kearnen spoke to us which was awesome. He is from England and is a convert. He got baptized when he was 26 and he told a bit about his conversion story and it was awesome. President Rawlings also spoke and gave a sweet talk in which he mentioned the conversion stories of 4 men. They all were converted through friends reaching out to them when they were teenagers or in their 20s and then after he told all four stories he said that these 4 men were the stake president of the North stake in Finland. President Kearnen. The Temple President. And President Rawlings himself. It was super cool and the whole theme of the stake conference was hastening the work and doing it by just talking to more people and inviting very simply and naturally our friends to church activities. During the Sunday session of the stake conference they held it in this big meeting hall that is like a concert hall because they couldn't fit all the people in the normal Tampere chapel so it was sweet! All the missionaries sang two songs as choir performances and it went really well! It was very cool to see so many of the good members of Finland all gathered together in one place. A very spiritual meeting. Well I think the stake conference touched a lot of the members hearts because yesterday we had this member call us and say that they talked to their neighbor who was outside when they came home from stake conference and they invited him to learn a bit about the gospel and so on Wednesday they are going to invite him over to their house so that we can get to know him a little bit! It has been a very good weekend and I'm excited for this week! Tomorrow we are having a district meeting and President will be here and interview us and stuff so that should be fun! Well I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

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