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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baptismal Dates

Elder Jeffries & Elder Wilson
May 25, 2014

Well hello everyone! So it sounds like mom and dad had an awesome time on their trip. Well thank you for the NBA update mom but that just bums me out that the spurs and heat are both winning haha. I loved the great pictures this week of Rosie in her creature suit and Maxy boy playing T ball!! That was awesome! I can't believe how big those kids are already! Well I've had a bit of a crazy week here. Elder R had been feeling pretty depressed and home sick and he talked to a doctor on skype about it and turns out the doctor decided to send him home so that he could be treated at home. So on Wednesday I went down to Helsinki with him and we went to the temple together and then Elder R left the next day. So it was hard to see him go, I just felt really bad for him and it was kind of bitter sweet for him. He knew it was the right thing to do but at the end he just felt weird and sad about it all. It was pretty tough. So I left from Helsinki up to Tampere and there I slept at the zone leaders apartment and one of the three zone leaders is now my new companion here in Turku. His name is elder jeffries and he is super awesome. We are having so much fun together and he's just a way good guy. So we are just normal missionaries again here in Turku and he actually only has 5 weeks left of his mission and then he heads home so that's kind of sad but exciting for him. Since We were gone for a few days and everthing was so crazy we didn't get to do a whole lot of actual missionary work this week but when we did get to go out and do stuff we found some really good people and gave out 3 book of Mormons and have been having pretty good success! Yes mom I mentioned that we have 2 baptsimal dates now, one of them is almost progressing but just hasn't been able to make it to church and the other just has trouble quitting smoking and stuff so that's holding him back. They baptismal dates are for the 12th of July though.
 Well church was a lot of fun though yesterday. I actually gave a talk in sacrament meeting and it went really well. I gave the same talk that I gave in Seinäjoki my first month in Finland so I got to retell the whole story of dad giving me man lessons and stuff and the whole ward loved it! They all told me that the story about my dad was so beautfiul and stuff haha Well we had one of the less actives that we have been working with in church again today! The third time this month so he is now officially reactivated and committed to coming every Sunday again!!! I was so pumped about that! This guys is about 35 and got baptized like 3 years ago but has been less active for the last year and a half or 2 years but we've just been able to get him to come to volley ball and basketball at the church a lot for the last few months and slowly he agreed to meet with us reguarly again and now he is fully committed to coming back completely to church! It feels really good knowing that we've helped this guy refind his testimony and that he knows this is the right decision for himself.
Well that is all from the week! Next week I actually don't get a p day on monday because we have a zone conference that day so we will probably email on Tuesday instead. Well I love you all so much! Näkemiin!

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