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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Working Hard in Finland

According to Elder Wilson this is a way cool spot, but he neglected to say where and what:)
June 2, 2014

How are we in June already? Pretty insane that we're already in the sixth month of the year! Well I am so jealous that mom and the girls and the adorable baby Rosie got to go to California! That is awesome I'm sure it was beautiful there! I miss my old place back in Westwood! Well the weather here has actually been pretty cloudy the last few days, but earlier last week was extremely warm and sunny and hot and beautiful! So hot that I was rolling up my sleeves and a little sweaty all day but it was great haha Finland is beautiful this time of year. I haven't seen night time in forever haha when the sun is out it's literally up all day long. Theres only a couple hours of slight darkness in the middle of the night. Yes, June 21 is the longest day of the year here and it's a huge holiday. The sun literally doesn't go down I can't wait, I will take pictures of the sun out at like 1 am haha Some ward members may throw this party at their little summer home out in the country and have sausages and stuff like that so that would be a ton of fun I hope that happens! Ya our zone conference got rescheduled so it won't be till like next Thursday so this week we just have a normal week! We have a few potential investigators that I think will turn in to investigators this week, but it has been slow getting in contact with people. One of our investigators was out of town all week but we met with the other one and it went pretty well. We've given away a lot of Book of Mormons this week to people on the street and stuff which is always cool but Finns are just so scared of people so nobody gives their phone number or anything like that, but it still feels good to get Book of Mormons out there. We tracted in to this one house a few days ago and only a 14 year old boy was home but he said his family was pretty religious and prays as a family and things like that and we gave him a Book of Mormon and so we were pretty excited about that! We will go back there sometime this week.
 Well we had a great day of church yesterday as well. Our recently reactivated member was there again and he is even turning in to a good member missionary! He has a friend he has talked to a lot about the church and apparently the friend would like to talk to us sometime so that would be pretty cool! He also agreed to give a Book of Mormon to him so that's way cool! Also another member had a friend at church and we had all the recent converts there and a bunch of visitors so church was packed! We taught the gospel principles class and then a lady in the ward asked us to talk a little bit in relief society about missionary work so we taught a little bit in that class which was cool! This week we are excted to get in contact with more of these potentials and hopefully see some success in that. Elder Jefferies and I have also been extremely dedicated to a strict workout plan because he loves working out too so we're doing all sorts of crossfit interval stuff twice a day and eating five smaller meals a day which is sweet! I'm bulking back up and that's ways nice, hopefully I gain some solid weight in the next 4 weeks! We're having tons of fun here and things are going great! Well that's all I have for the week but I love you all! Have a great week!

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