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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Conference and Easter

Easter Dinner Finnish Style
Hey! Well yeah it was a way good weak of general conference! It was so nice to just sit back and hear awesome talks for two days. It was way cool too, in the sunday morning session elder Teixeira of the seventy spoke (elder Teixeira came to Finland like 4 months ago and did a mission tour with us) then in the same session elder Nielson of the Seventy spoke and he's coming to Finland in a couple weeks to do a mission tour with us! So it was pretty neat to see both of them speak. We had three investigators who came to watch conference which was awesome! Our Chinese investigator came and absolutely loved it. He was like "It was so informative and I just loved all of the stories and especially the man who spoke about guile!" hahaha it was super funny I was just impressed that he knew the word guile. We had another man there who is an older man who's been friends with some of the members of our ward for a really long time and he's been coming to church for like 7 months now every week. We've been teaching him and even though he's still hesitant, he has a baptismal date for this Saturday. He said at conference that he's still not sure about it but we still feel that it really might happen. But even if it's not this Saturday he'll be baptized sometime fairly soon I think. 

Since Sunday was Easter all of us missionaries made a big meal between sessions of conference and ate with some members and investigators and it went really well. Elder Ahlquist and I bought 18 little broiler chickens and oven baked them and made potatoes and so it was a feast! It actually surprisingly turned out to be pretty delicious, everyone had a good time. But that was our easter celebration this year. 

Mom, like you said I really liked elder Holland's talk. It was such a great and powerful way to lay out how important Jesus Christ is and how he literally saves all of us. It was an awesome story and talk that he gave. I also really enjoyed President Eyring's talk from the Saturday morning session.  It was just all so good though. 

Well this week we just have normal stuff going on, we're going up to Rovaniemi on Friday for splits though. Rovaniemi is the furthest northern city with missionaries in it, so that'll be fun. I'll make sure to try to pick up a sweet reindeer souvenir or something like that. Other than that though just a normal week. We're getting all prepped up for elder Nielson coming in a few weeks though. Organizing the whole thing is super hectic because all of our zone and all of the east zone will be up here in Oulu for that meeting and we have to have 10 people staying at our apartment and we have to pick up elder Nielson and his wife from the airport and do a bunch of stuff so it'll be pretty nuts. 

Well that's all I got from the week, but I love you all so much! Have another great week! 

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