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Thursday, August 6, 2015


June 23, 2015
Ping Pong Tourney

Hey everyone! 

My week was awesome here in Oulu! So as you see in the pictures, we had a little ward Juhannus at a little beach house about 30 kilometers away from Oulu in this place called Oulunsalo. It started on Friday and a lot of people slept over there and still hung around on Saturday. There was most of the ward plus a lot of members from other cities in Finland so it turned out to be an awesome party! We had a few investigators there on friday so we went and had a good time with everyone, the finnish family we've been teaching for a while came and also another African student that we've taught for quite a while as well and they had a great time! The African guy made a ton of friends and a member even gave him a ride back for the rest of the party on Saturday so it was awesome! I feel like the investigators that came got more socially converted this weekend so that makes the spiritual conversion even easier. The African guy came to church on Sunday and one other Vietnamese guy came on Sunday as well so it was overall a really good week! 

Finland is beautiful in the Summer. Yeah it is pretty crazy up here in the north, on Juhannus it was literally sunny all day long, the sun goes down technically for about an hour but it's still just under the horizon so it's still pretty light outside. It's been way nice and warmer this week. It's only about 20 degrees but it's plenty warm in a shirt and tie it feels pretty hot honestly. It makes me scared to come home if it's over 100 degrees Fahrenheit there haha I've forgotten what that feels like. 

Well the work is going well. We have sweet investigators still and people are seriously progressing. The Vietnamese guy who came to church on Sunday has a baptismal date for this Saturday and he told us last week that he wants to be baptized on Saturday but the problem is that he still doesn't believe in the restoration but he says "I believe in both of you, so I will be baptized" And we were like uhhh... man you kind of have to believe in the church as well before you're baptized haha so we will reset the date for a few weeks out but that's the first time that I've had somebody want to be baptized and we've had to shut them down haha But a good problem to have. So with him, the African guy, and the Finnish mom we've got three people that are getting really close to being baptized. 

This week we're going down to Helsinki for MLC and we get to go to the temple! Should be a great week! 

I love you guys!