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Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Last Zone Conference as ZL

June 16, 2015
It's bright in Lapland

Elder Coffey and Wilson

It was so fun to see the pictures of Indies baptism! I'm glad that it all went well and little Indie enjoyed it :) Sounds like it was an exciting week for everyone there. Too bad that Mandy and Danen are suffering without air conditioning, I'd trade them a hot day for a rainy day at this point though. 

So yes Juhannus (summer solstice) is coming up! This year there's actually a ward party on Friday (the day before Juhannus) so we're planning on taking some investigators to that and hanging at the ward party it should be way fun! We're going to the beach like 20 kilometers away to grill makkara and hang so it should be a solid finnish party.  We probably won't stay up all night but we will get a picture of the midnight sun for sure like last year. Juhannus will be sweet up hear in Oulu. It literally doesn't get dark all night long. The weather has been kind of cold and rainy up every other day the sun comes out and so hopefully Juhannus should be a nice sunny day! 

We had a good week here in Oulu. We had the finnish mom and a Muslim man from Algeria in church this week and they both really enjoyed it. The Finnish mom is doing super well, she has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, she is just working through quitting coffee and all that stuff but she is progressing great! We had some other really good lessons this week and found a cool couple from South Sudan that have lived here in Finland for 10 years. Pretty cool, we actually tracted in to the mom and she set up a return appointment for the next day, and then when we went for the appointment she told us that her father had died the day before we knocked on her door so she was pretty excited to hear about the Book of Mormon and that we can all see our families again some day. It was a really nice lesson and sweet experience. 

Well we had a zone meeting last week too that was really good. We talked about the story of David and Goliath and how to really get rid of fear like David did. It was a pretty sweet meeting. I think that all missionaries around the world get pretty scared to talk to people but the story of David is a sweet example of a person who had such great faith that fear never even came in to his mind when he saw Goliath. So I realized that that was probably my last zone meeting as a zone leader. I don't know if I'll still be in Oulu next change or not but it was a sweet experience to really testify to the missionaries of how I've seen Heavenly Father help me throughout my mission and how when you feel God's love for you, there's no need to fear. 

Well that's all from the week, I love you guys! I'll talk to you next week! 

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