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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Summer is almost here

June 2, 2015

Temple Trip and MLC 

Summer is officially here! I'm super happy, it's been a little rainy still this week but today is beautiful and sunny and the temperature is perfect. It's been like 18 in the day and the sun is shining so everyone's happy. Oulu is so beautiful in the summer, I'll have to take some pictures this week of the water, there's a big river that runs through the city and it's on the ocean so there's some really nice views. It's pretty much sunny all night long too so it's pretty sweet!

Well we had a really nice week here. Last week I mentioned some new investigators that we have and we got to meet with the new college aged Finnish guy a couple of times this week! On Friday we were at his house teaching him and we invited him to come to church. He said that he was a little nervous about it, he didn't feel like he really needed to yet but he just wanted to keep learning. So we invited him to at least come to the church the next day for a church tour so that he could see it and see it's no big deal to come on Sunday. So we had a member pick him up and drive him to the church on Saturday and we gave him a whole tour and taught him a little lesson. The member that was there with us was absolutely perfect. He joined the church when he was about the same age as this investigator so he shared his experience when he learned about the church and how he was hesitant to make the decision to get baptized but then he said something really cool. A friend who had been teaching this current member about the church said to him "the Spirit is not going to testify to you any stronger than what you've already experienced, you already know it's true, you just need to act on the answer you received" So after that he was baptized! He chose to act on the answer he had already received. Well this current investigator we are teaching is in a pretty similar situation. He's definitely felt the Spirit but he just needs to act on the promptings he's getting. He recognized that and told us that he believes what we're telling him. But in the end he still didn't work up the courage to come to church. But I have no doubt that he will come. We just need to keep meeting with him and encouraging him but he is a super sincere investigator. During his prayers with us he says stuff like "thank you for sending the missionaries to me and thank you for helping me to believe what they are teaching. I feel ready for all of this" And really cool stuff like that. He's awesome!" We've got a lot of really cool people that we're working with right now so it's a ton of fun! 

Yeah they announced in church on Sunday that Elder Perry had died. It was really surprising I didn't know he had been sick. He seemed so lively at conference but when I heard the news I was sad but also just really glad to know what we know as members of the church. I'm grateful for the plan of Salvation and grateful that we have awesome examples like the apostles to show us the way to truly live the gospel. 

This coming week, we're going up to a city called Kemi for splits. Kemi is like an hour north of Oulu. It's a tiny little city but should be a fun time. We just have a normal week though going on. 

I love you guys! 

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