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Thursday, August 6, 2015

His Plan Not Ours

May 19, 2015

Hey everybody!

So another week down, we had a really good one here in Oulu. It sounds like everyone back home is doing exciting stuff though. I'm so pumped that Sammy is going to dance again and that Theo is rocking bow ties! Wow the picture you sent me of baby Rosie catching the fish is so adorable, it made me laugh way hard. I can't wait to play with all those little guys this summer! 

Well this week we did a zone meeting up here in Oulu and it went really well. We talked about "how to begin teaching" which is just kind of what you do with investigators when you meet with them for the first time. So we read the story from Alma 18 when Ammon is teaching king Lamoni and used that as a parallel for a lot of the things it says in Preach My Gospel about how to begin teaching. So it was really cool. I think everyone enjoyed it. We also had some really good lessons with investigators. Our cool Nigerian guy that is the professional soccer player has a baptismal date and is just praying to find out if he should be baptized again (he was baptized as a baby) so we're praying that he can get his answer but he's doing great! We have quite a few investigators who are out of town but we were able to find 4 new ones this week. We had a cool experience with one of these new people last night actually. We had an appointment with a girl for 8 pm so we got to her apartment with a member but the lesson fell through, she said it wasn't a good time. So we decided to take the member to try to knock on a potentials door that lived in a different area. We had found the potential a few days before, we were walking down the street and said hey how's it going and he said "I'm in a rush I can't talk but I live in that building in room _" So we had no idea what to expect but the guy was home, he let us right in and he took a book of mormon! He's a super cool Finnish student, studying english literature and he's pretty interested in the Book of Mormon! So it was a pretty cool experience, even though our original plan fell through it was still according to Heavenly Father's plan for the day. 

This coming week we have to go down to Vaasa to attend their district meeting and do splits with the elders there so we're going to leave tonight and sleep in Seinäjoki (my first city) for tonight. So I'm way excited about that! It'll be weird to sleep in my old apartment, I haven't been there in over a year so that should be fun. Then we come back on thursday and have a normal week ahead of us. But that's pretty much all from the week. I love you all! Talk to you next time! 

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