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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Oulu Pride

April 28, 2015

Hey! Well I can't believe that little Sammy went to Prom. She's all grown up that's crazy! Sammy I was a huge fan of the dress and everything, sounds like you guys had a great Prom! Hope you feel better soon from the whole concussion though that's no fun :( At least the concussion was not related to prom though that's always nice. Well we just had a normal week here in Oulu. Unfortunately elder Ahlquist was super sick for quite a few days this week so we had a lot of time in the apartment going insane just watching church videos and reading scriptures but I am now much more knowledgeable on the old testament so it was all worth it. But we still had a good week! We even went to try the new Burger King that opened up here in Oulu so that was super fun and tasted like America. It was also an exciting week to be in Oulu because the Oulu Kärpät (the Oulu city hockey team) won the Finnish national championship this week so the people were so pumped! Quite a few members texted us and asked us to pray for the Kärpät and they pulled out the win! People in Oulu are super proud now because just recently the new Miss Finland is from Oulu, the new Prime Minister is from Oulu, and the Kärpät won so people are saying that Oulu has now established the holy trinity of Oulu. It's been pretty fun. 

But we had some good lessons this week, we taught that new african family again. We usually teach them in english and the brother translates but unfortunately the brother wasn't home when we went so we just gave them the Joseph Smith restoration movie to watch together and then couldn't communicate with any of the other family members at all so we just left haha it was pretty funny because they're so nice so they invited us in and all sat around and were staring at us waiting for us to talk but they didn't understand anything we said so it was kind of tough. But the brother told us that he wants to come to church again next week so that would be awesome! Yesterday we only had one person in church which was a bummer but it was the older Finnish man who's life long friends with some members. He comes every week he's way solid. He just still has some questions and concerns he needs to figure out before committing to be baptized but he's doing well. We also had a super cool lesson with a guy that we received as a referral from some elders in a different city. This guys was in Seinäjoki a few weeks ago and the elders there talked to him on the street and got his number for us. So we called him and set up an appointment but then found out that he lives pretty far outside of Oulu in the country side. But we decided to go out there at least once to try him. So we drive out there and it was beautiful, it was in a little tiny town on a big huge river and you had to drive over a big bridge to get to his place and it was just a really beautiful area. The guy turned out to have three kids as well! He is divorced but has 3 sweet little kids and they were just so nice. They gave us ice cream and the little girl kept giving us candy and stuff and just super sweet people. They live on a strawberry farm in a little farmhouse built by the guys great grandfather it's super finnish and awesome. But the man was really interested and had already read a bit of the book of Mormon and is willing to read and pray about everything so we are super pumped about them! We're going back to them this week. 

That's pretty much all of the excitement from the week. This week should be good though, we go down to Helsinki on Thursday night and then have our MLC meeting on Friday. Then we'll find out our change calls so next week my p day will probably be on Monday since one of us will probably get transferred. but I'll tell you all about it next time. I love you guys! 

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