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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Staying in Oulu

May 4, 2015

Hey everybody! So first off I'll say that I get to stay in Oulu, and my new companion is a guy named elder Coffey. He's way cool! He's one group below me so I met him for a bit in the MTC and I've always heard good things about him so I'm super excited to be his companion! Elder Ahlquist is going down to a city called Tampere so he's excited for that. But overall I'm just way happy that I get to stay here in Oulu, it's such a good place and an awesome ward! So elder Coffey will get in tomorrow morning on a train and then we'll send off elder Ahlquist a little later in the day, we'll pretty much just be helping with a lot of people transferring all day tomorrow but then we've got a normal week after that. 

Well we had a really great last week together here in Oulu. We taught some sweet lessons to our investigators and even saw a few former investigators that elder Ahlquist wanted to say goodbye to. On Wednesday the APs came up here to do splits so we got to teach a lot of lessons with them and found some good new potentials as well. Our new African family is doing really well, we taught them about how to receive their answers about the Book of Mormon and watched the restoration DVD with them. We also had a way good lesson with our Finnish family yesterday, we set a baptismal date with the mom for August 16th because they have a lot of financial problems right now so the mom is hesitant to commit to pay tithing but we set the date pretty far out so that we can teach her and help her through the rough part and then hopefully she won't feel pressured or anything by the date. After splits on Wednesday we had to change the tires on our car to summer tires so we went to a less active families house because the dad of the family is a mechanic and fixes up motorcycles and cars all the time so we used his tools and he helped us out and it was really good. They're a sweet family and he showed me all of his motorcycles which was pretty fun. It reminded me of doing man lessons with dad on Saturdays. Then Thursday night we flew down to Helsinki because we had our MLC meeting on Friday. Friday was also a big holiday in Finland called Vappu so Helsinki was pretty crazy. But we just had our meeting all day on Friday and got to go to the temple. Then we flew home on Saturday morning and had a busy day of elder Ahlquist packing and going to lessons. Yesterday we had 4 investigators in church which was awesome! O I have to tell you about a new investigator this week that came to church. He's this guy from India and he lives near the university. We were going to his house Saturday night and didn't have a member who could come with us so at the last minute we called this guy who is a recent convert African guy and who lives near the university as well. This recent convert guy is a really nice big Nigerian man and is a super solid convert. So during the lesson we invited the Indian guy to come to church the next day and he was a little hesitant and said that he had plans with his friends but our recent convert member was like "no, shift the plans with your friends and you come with me to church. I will take you and bring you right back. Let me tell you something, when I don't go to church, I'm tired, I'm sad, but when I got to church I'm happy, I feel a load taken off of me and I want to keep coming back. So come with me tomorrow" And then the guy came! So it was just a perfect member to bring along and he did a great job in the lesson and he's a good friend for the investigator. 

That's pretty much all the excitement from the week, Changes are always a little sad, it's been awesome to be with elder Ahlquist for 4 months but it'll be fun to be with my new companion for sure. We're getting in to my last full change here in Finland. I can't really believe it, it feels like it's coming fast. I love you guys! Have a great week! 

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