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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Spring is Coming????

It's been a little bit warmer the last few days and it's super nice! It's been like up to 6 Celsius so like not warm really but it feels a ton warmer and it's been pretty sunny and nice. Most of the snow is melted too! So hopefully it keeps getting nicer. Way funny to hear that you guys have a snow storm in Utah though right as we're getting out of snow storms in Finland, that's too bad. But we had a really great week though! 

We got to go up to Rovaniemi again for splits and when we got up there it was a total blizzard. So that was pretty unfortunate, especially because my companion and I were on the bikes and had to bike around all day long so it reminded me of the beginning of my mission haha it was a ton of fun though. We had some really good lessons and Rovaniemi is a really cool city. We even went back to the same restaurant as last time when we were in Rovaniemi and feasted on some Reindeer so it was a pretty perfect day. We almost decided to go all in for the bear but it was like 50 euros so we all stuck with the reliable reindeer. We also stopped at this little park that is world famous because it's an Angry Birds park. All of the toys are just angry birds themed stuff so it's pretty funny to see. All the kids would've loved it. I took some pictures too but unfortunately I forgot my camera today :( sorry so I'll send a bunch of pictures next week! 

In Oulu though we had a great week we had some good lessons with the older man who is a good friend of a member and is pretty close to being baptized. He still just has a few concerns that we're trying to work through so we are just trying to answer all of his questions and help him to take the leap of faith to commit to be baptized. We had the chance to give him a blessing though this week which was a really cool experience. He didn't really know what a Priesthood blessing was, so we explained a bit to him and then he asked his member friend to give him a blessing and we stood in with the member. It was a really nice experience, the spirit was super strong and the man was pretty touched after the blessing. I think he'll make it eventually to baptism but he's just kind of scared taking the big steps to get there, but we've had some really spiritual experiences with him. 

We also found some really cool new people this week including another big African family! It was super funny we met this 23 year old african guy a few weeks ago who was super nice and down for us to come over. So this week we finally got to go to his place and he came out of his house and was like "I like hugging my friends when I see them" So gave us all bro hugs and then we walk in the house and he's got like 5 little sisters and a mom and they were all soooo nice and so down to learn about the church haha so it was a ton of fun! So we watched the new easter video from the church with them and they were all gathered around the computer and liek "wow... oooo... wow this is awesome" haha they're hilarious. 

So this week we've got a pretty busy schedule, we're doing splits with the other Oulu elders on Friday and then on Sunday we have to pick up a bunch of elders that'll be staying at our house that night for the zone conference the next day. Then we also have to pick up elder Nielson and his wife from the airport that night and take him to his hotel and then from his hotel to the chapel the next morning so that should be pretty cool! We'll have to do a lot of stuff this week to prep the chapel for the meeting it will be a little hectic but definitely fun! 

Well I think that's all from the week but I love you guys so much! 

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