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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Missionary Leadership Council

March 31, 2015
Spring in Finland

Well thanks for all the love this week, it looks like you guys had a great time for Chloe's birthday, can't wait for the celebration next year! So I heard that my Bruins made it to the sweet 16! That is awesome! Did they win or lose that game? Sounds like they'll have some good momentum for next season when I'm back! Dad have a good time down in Louisianna. I hope you and Danen studied enough to seal the deal with some new customers. 

We had a pretty good week here. We went down to Helsinki for our MLC meeting which was pretty fun. It was a special MLC where all of the district leaders throughout the mission went as well so it was super fun to see some old mission buddies. We flew down Wednesday night then had the meeting and temple trip Thursday, then we had to wake up at 4:15 on Friday to make our flight by 7 so that was pretty rough but overall a fun trip! But we had a really good week in our area. We hit our standard of excellence for member present lessons which is 21 per week so that was super exciting! It's pretty tough to do but we got it! Our chinese investigator is still doing well, he's feeling good about everything and came to church on Sunday. We have a lesson with him tonight and then later this week we're going to talk about tithing again which is the only thing holding him back from being baptized already so hopefully he is able to make the leap of faith this time around and go for it! The African family that we've been teaching is doing well also. The little 4 year old boy was bouncing around the other day while we were there and elder ahlquist gave him some Jolly Ranchers and the kid snatched them and was sucking on them like his life depended on it and just soooo happy haha it was hilarious. Our Finnish family is still doing well, the wife is still reading and feeling good about everything but just has a hard time with tithing as well. Our russian mom who was doing so great came back from Russia and texted us saying that she really appreciated all of the help we gave her and everything we taught her but she says it's not the right time for her. She has some sort of really difficult life situation going on and she says she's not able to meet with us right now. But that she would still read the book of Mormon and pray. I believe it was just her husband giving her a hard time and not wanting her to talk to us, he was always pretty opposed to her coming to church and stuff. So I think that she just needs some time to sort through things but that she will be baptized. Whether it's while I'm in Finland or years down the road I think she'll make it. Mom I haven't gotten a hold of the lady that sister Rascon's brother told me about. I talked with some members about her and they are going to try to get her info so that I can call her but they haven't gotten back to me yet. But we're trying! 

Well this week we're going down to a city called Pietarsaari for splits. We're going to leave tonight and come home tomorrown night. So we're excited for that. Pietarsaari is a swedish speaking town, I've done splits there before but that was over a year ago and I was with a swede at that time so he just spoke swedish all day and I tagged along but this time around there's not a swede serving in Pietarsaari right now so it'll be 4 elders that don't speak swedish.... so we'll see how this goes. But it's a really cool little city. Other than that though we have a normal week. Since conference is also on easter sunday we are going to make a big meal here at the church with some other missionaries and members and just all feast between sessions of conference. It'll be way fun! I don't think the easter bunny will make is way around this year though but it will still be delicious!  

Alright I think that's all for the week, I love you all so much! Have a great time watching conference I'm so excited for it! Love you,

Rakkaudella, Vanhin Wilson 

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