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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Work Goes On

May 26, 2015

Hey everyone, sounds like like back home was pretty exciting this week. I'm glad that Indie and Max made it through the traumatic cemetery experience! I can't believe that little Wilson is 5! How can that be? Way sad that his birthday party was a little hectic, but I hope he enjoyed the pizza haha That whole story was so sad but pretty funny. It reminded me of when we went to Six Flags in Houston and Mandy also got thrown up on unexpectedly haha Well it's too bad also that the rockets are down but hey, as long as Golden State beats the Cavaliers that's all I care about. 

Well this week we got to go down to Vaasa for their district meeting and splits. It was a fun trip. We stayed the night in Seinäjoki so I was tripping down memory lane a bit and looking through the teaching records of people we used to teach there so it was pretty fun. Vaasa is a way cool city too, it's always nice to be there. It's a very European looking little ocean town so it was a great day! We also had the chance to find some super cool new investigators here in Oulu. We found one college student finnish guy who we taught the restoration too and it was one of the best restoration lessons I've ever taught. The spirit was strong and while I recited the first vision he said that he felt really impacted by it. He was feeling the spirit for sure but just doesn't know it yet. We're going back to his place tomorrow but it went great with him! We also found a sweet college age finnish girl who who just did "how to begin teaching" with so basically just got to know her a bit and told her what we do as missionaries. But it was an awesome lesson! She was very open and really does want to know if God loves her and if what we say is true. She's had some pretty hard experiences in the past so she is very open to hearing what we have to say and seeing if it works. We're also going back to her place tomorrow! We had district conference this weekend so all of the church members came from the Oulu district which includes the cities of kajaani, Rovaniemi, and Kemi. So church was pretty packed. It's just a little smaller version of a stake conference, but the district president spoke and President Watson and sister Watson and it was a great meeting. We had two investigators there and they both enjoyed it! We also got two investigators to come to family night here at the church last night and they loved it! We had a pretty good sized group and it was a ton of fun. the members here are great at fellow shipping and making the investigators always feel welcome.  So the work has been going really well and it's been a ton of fun. 

This week we're going down to Helsinki for our MLC meeting and that will be on Thursday. So we get to go to the temple which will be sweet. Other than that we just have a normal week here in Oulu.

Ok I love all of you! I'll talk to you next week! 

-Vanhin Wilson 

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