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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Elder Coffey and Wilson

Finnish Barbeque
May 11, 2015

Well it was awesome to see everybody on skype! I couldn't believe how big all the kids are and that Wilson understands the difference between crocodiles and alligators so well! haha It was so funny to hear him talk because he can just talk like a normal person now, he's such a big boy. I also loved getting the air kiss from baby Rosie  but it was a little sad to see to her fall on her bum right after haha So cute! Well yeah we were hanging out at our member's house to skype, we hang out with those guys a lot. They come to lessons with us pretty often and they even came to the gym with us today so it was a ton of fun. They've both been members for like 2 years and they hang out with us missionaries all the time. So all in all it was a great mothers day. 

Mom I'm way excited to hear that you got to start at your new job, it sounds perfect for you. When I get home and I'm munching on my chik fil a sandwich you can practice all your shrink tricks on me. 

Well elder Coffey and I had a pretty good first week together. We got to do quite a bit of finding and found some super good new investigators and potentials! We have some pretty sweet people to work with like the Nigerian guy I was telling you about on skype! We've been pretty busy though, teaching lots of lessons and tomorrow we have to give a zone meeting. So we've been planning that out for the last few days. Our other investigators are doing pretty well though. We had a really sweet lesson with one of our investigators this week who has been meeting with us for a while but hasn't really been reading the book of Mormon. So we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ by just reading almost all of 2nd Nephi 31 with him and it was a sweet lesson. He understood the scriptures really well and was motivate to read every day now. He also has a baptismal date now for June 13th. So maybe he'll even get baptized on the same day as Indie! 

This week we have our zone meeting coming up tomorrow, so we will have to pick up some elders coming in to the trains station tonight and let them stay at our place. But other than that we just have a normal week. 

I love you guys so much! Have a good week! 

Pictures: a member made us some barbeque! 
Elder Ahlquist leaving

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